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Terms and Conditions

General Service Policy:

All reading fees prepaid and are non-refundable and non-transferable. By booking a session, you agree to the following Terms & Conditions.

The Client is 100% responsible for their own actions taken based upon having a session, you understand that there is no guarantee on the accuracy rate of a consultation and that all predictive information should be used for as entertainment purposes only. The information shared is not intended to replace any type of therapy, counseling, diagnosis, treatment or cure for anything you may be seeking a remedy for. It is your responsibility to make common sense choices and always consult licensed professionals such as a Lawyer, Medical Doctor, Psychologist or Licensed Therapist for any Medical or Legal advice.

Reservation Policy:

You must be 18 or over to receive a reading. There are no refunds/rescheduling options given if you do not answer at the time of your appointment Any cancellations or rescheduling must be made prior to 48 hours of the appointment by emailing: to receive a refund.

I also reserve the right to refuse service to anyone that I feel Spirit is telling me not to read for at the time. Most of you that have read with me before know this 😉 This is not personal, it is simply that they are asking you move through the current experience on your own and you need to honor that. It is all meant with love and as many know, if they say no one time, they may say yes another 🙂 It is never personal, just Divine and I have to listen to them or they stop talking to me.

Cancellation Policy:
Cancellations or Rescheduling – Any cancellations or rescheduling must be made prior to 48 hours of the appointment by emailing: to receive a refund. It may take 3 -7 day s for your banking stituion to place the mon ey back into your account.  There are NO REFUNDS if you miss this 48 hour window as I will lose the money for that appointment because it will be too late for someone else to take your spot. Thank you for understanding.  I also DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS for a reading given once it is completed because you do not like the answers spirit gave or need to pay your bills later in the month. I also do not give refunds if a recording does not record.  I do not guarantee recordings.  Feel free to record it on your end.  I have not issue with that. 😉 .  Not that it has ever come up more than once or twice, but I have to put it in the rules.  Please make sure you can afford all of your expenses budgeted for yourself  prior to booking.   I do not take emergency sessions and do not answer free reading requests. I believe that if I am not available when you feel it needs to happen, then it is not meant for you to have a session with me and the Higher Purpose is in play. Remember if things are too hard, they may not be meant to be. Trust Spirit.
Payment Policy:
All readings must be pre-paid and if canceled, a refund will be issued through PayPal. Please note that Lisa Beachy is not responsible for any delays that may occur on behalf of Paypal processing that refund.


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