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Welcome, lover of angels! I channel angel messages from them to help you learn, grow and heal from being in their presence. Are you looking to connect with your Angels and Spiritual Team?  I am so happy that you have found me and please believe that it is not a coincidence! Your Angels have brought you to me because I have the resources and information that you need at this moment. Trust that divine guidance and welcome! I feel so happy and blessed to be part of your spiritual journey.

I believe that we are surrounded by angels and spiritual guides always and they help us daily!

The angels are God’s messengers and beings of Light that are here to assist us in this physical world to guide us and keep us safe. Angels have been around since the beginning of time and now have the beautiful task of guiding us here in the physical realm. Through many years of learning to channel my intuitive gifts, I have formed a very close bond with the angels so that I may thus help them deliver the messages that they need you to hear so that you may live in peace and harmony through life’s current challenges. They can help you overcome any lessons that you are currently moving through and heal any past hurts or blocks that may have you stuck in present situation. We are also able to help you see the path that you are currently on, so if you are not happy with the direction that your life is taking, you are given the tools to make the changes that are needed in order to shift its direction.

I surround my life and everyday activities with the angels and my spirit guides. This goes for the same as you, whether you know it or not, they surround and guide you every step of the way. In order to help others further their spiritual journey, I create spiritual content, channel angel messages,, create divine meditations, and give psychic readings that use angel messages oracle cards to help deliver the messages that the angels would like you to personally know to help you on your path.

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Here are a few helpful articles about angel messages to get you started:

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“Lisa has read for me multiple times about relationships, career, family, and more. I have been consulting with advisors for more than 25 years and she is the most accurate of any I have spoken with. She is a joy to talk with and delivers both the stuff you want to hear (and the stuff you don’t) in a way that gives you the confidence that you can get through it all with a positive outcome. Her advice is practical and real, and she has a huge heart full of compassion for any situation. Love her.” – Suzanne W.
“Lisa is incredible. She is bright and cheerful, like an old friend Ive known for years but have only spoken to on the phone twice. The first time we spoke was great. She nailed everything and I hung up thinking, Wow! The second time she blew me away even more, as if that was even possible, by bringing up something that occurred over seven years ago. My husband didn’t even know about it yet. She really gives me peace and gentle guidance when I’m feeling lost or confused. Call Lisa!!” – Jessica

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