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I love connecting with Spirit and have had the blessed gift to do so since I was very young.  Over the years, angels, guides, most things paranormal, supernatural, psychic or mediumship related are my passion and the fact that you are also visiting my page tells me that you feel the same, so WELCOME!  That is why I started gathering information over the years and putting together the resources for you, see the Free Resources tab above! I hope that you enjoy them and they benefit your life!
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Week of MARCH 1, 2015 Spirit Message (Psychic Reading) with Lisa Beach

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Spirit Message of the Week
March 2, 2015

"Be willing to adapt to the changes that surround you and ask for our help to guide you through the sometimes choppy waters of change.  If called up, we can ease the path forward and clear out the obstacles that would otherwise stand in your way."
~ The Angels

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