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Category Archives: Chakras

Information on the Chakras

Learn about your Chakras and how they run your life “How chakras reveal the state of your health:” A chakra is a vortex of energy. There are seven main chakra points on the human body which start at the base of the spine and finish at the crown. Simultaneously, they vibrate to create the body’s […]

7 Chakras Information

7 Chakras and why they are so important to our well being Chakra’s have been used through thousands of years as a way to heal and balance many maladies in life, not only physical, but also mental and spiritually. especially in the East, for many many years it has been a common practice to honor […]

Root Chakra Information

The Root Chakra is a very important part of our stability and well being The root chakra is a beautiful red chakra that leaves at our pelvic bone between the legs at the base of our spine. This is the chakra that is most based and in touch with our instinctual, survival mode, physical instincts. […]

Why is a balanced Heart Chakra important?

Having a balanced heart chakra and why it is important The heart chakra is the love center of our very being. Having a balanced heart chakra is extremely important because this is where we communicate to Spirit from and is the center of our connection to the Divine source of all that is. This is […]

Heart Chakra Meditation Healing

Balancing your Heart Chakra Meditation The heart chakra is a very delicate, fragile area in the middle of our body over our physical hearts that has such a huge impact on our lives if it is out of balance. Many times we carry around resentment, anger, or frustration towards others and this blocks off our […]