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Born a psychic medium passed down through the years in family known as the gift of prophecy in most churches, Lisa Beachy spent many of her earlier years connected to the Holy Spirit and Angels very closely through the church environment. She always had a psychic awareness and knowing when spirits and the angels were near. Keeping her safe and close for protection. She grew up attending many Pentecostal churches through the Assemblies of God denomination, moving often through the years from state to state. She grew up close and even the principles of knowing God, Jesus, the Angels, and the Holy Spirit.However through the years of the broken home childhood where her father left completely and her single mother soldiered on supporting the family, leaving Lisa much to her own devices. However, she grew rebellious and her teenage years and dabbled in the darker side of psychic mediumship. Quite frankly this is a very frightening experience and having seen way too much at such an early age, opening doors that she should not have crossed through with her own unique abilities, she shut everything down completely at the age of 20. She went on with her life and met a wonderful man, whom she’s now been married to for 25 years and is the mother to three beautiful children. She went into the world of finance and corporate administrative assisting, always using her intuition for the people she supported and those she worked with to stay on top of organization in the best way only a double Aries could achieve. It made her unique talent, an amazing employee and always having the feeling as though she was missing something.

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In 2003, Lisa contracted a virus illness called Transverse Myelitis at the top of her neck at the base of her skull. This caused the swelling around the spinal cord that in most cases leaves two thirds of the population that get it paralyzed. She spent a week in the hospital recuperating. She was slightly swayed by the need to slow down and stop trying to do it all, but of course her double Aries sign kicked in and she dove back into the corporate world with a gusto once recovered. One week later, after dropping her children off at the daycare, she sneezes a stoplight and had a spontaneous spinal fluid leak, stopping her brain from floating, which caused her to stay in bed for six months waiting for it to heal so that she may once again get up.During the six months she had deep reflection into her life and where she was coming. She had for a long time been very miserable and constantly feeling unfulfilled. Once she recovered, grateful for the blessing to be okay but unfortunately suffering constant migraines, she started her journey into self-improvement. She started to put together different aspects of healing and her psychic skills once again started to open.

Reiki Master, Energy Healing with the Angels

The Angels showed up in full force and gently laid the breadcrumbs at her feet that she readily followed into this beautiful path of service. She was slowly introduced to amazing people, with amazing gifts and talents for connecting into Spirits and the Divine that lovingly taught her. Archangel Michael showed up very strongly one day through a coworker and handed her a deck of angel cards and the rest was history. Now, 14,000+ readings and counting later with amazing people that she’s been blessed to help through readings, creating online meditations, books, and other recorded materials through YouTube and various sources, her life is completely changed and she lives grateful for it daily.In the books she is creating, she is offering basic knowledge of where she has been and what she has learned for the novice to get started and anyone interested that is guided her way by the angels that may benefit from her history and past experiences. She offers the things that she’s learned to piece together and molded into her own way of doing things in a practical, loving, yet very logical and analytical way that only an Aries can deliver.Now living in Los Angeles and working full-time as an intuitive healer, she is mostly known for her meditations and helping others connect to their angels directly. The children are older and the husband is still awesome and she lives grateful for it every single day.