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Thank you for booking an appointment with me!

I look forward to calling and connecting in with your Spiritual Team at the time you requested.

Cancellations or Rescheduling – You will receive a Confirmation email from my booking serivce.  SAVE IT 🙂

Any cancellations or rescheduling must be made prior to 48 hours of the appointment by emailing: to receive a refund. It may take 3 -7 day s for your banking institution to place the money back into your account.  There are NO REFUNDS if you miss this 48 hour window as I will lose the money for that appointment because it will be too late for someone else to take your spot. Thank you for understanding.  I also DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS for a reading given once it is completed because you do not like the answers spirit gave or need to pay your bills later in the month. I also do not give refunds if a recording does not record.  I do not guarantee recordings.  Feel free to record it on your end.  I have not issue with that. 😉 .


Not that it has ever come up more than once or twice, but I have to put it in the rules.  Please make sure you can afford all of your expenses budgeted for yourself  prior to booking.   I do not take emergency sessions and do not answer free reading requests. I believe that if I am not available when you feel it needs to happen, then it is not meant for you to have a session with me and the Higher Purpose is in play. Remember if things are too hard, they may not be meant to be. Trust Spirit.

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