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Why is a balanced Heart Chakra important?

Having a balanced heart chakra and why it is important The heart chakra is the love center of our very being. Having a balanced heart chakra is extremely important because this is where we communicate to Spirit from and is the center of our connection to the Divine source of all that is. This is […]

Louise Hay Affirmations

Louise Hay Affirmations It is safe to be vulnerable. It is safe to be who I am. It is safe to feel. I open myself to life I am willing to experience life. It is safe to grow up. The world is safe. I am safe. It is safe to grow up. The world is […]

Heart Chakra Meditation Healing

Balancing your Heart Chakra Meditation The heart chakra is a very delicate, fragile area in the middle of our body over our physical hearts that has such a huge impact on our lives if it is out of balance. Many times we carry around resentment, anger, or frustration towards others and this blocks off our […]

Psychic Development Lesson – Clairvoyance

What is it to be clairvoyant and how does clairvoyance work? Clairvoyance (Spiritual Seeing) is the psychic ability to visualize your intuition. One of the beautiful five intuitive skills given to us through the divine creator is clairvoyance. Many times we may utilize our third eye with the gift of spiritual seeing, called clairvoyance in […]

Affirmations to take with you

Affirmations to take with you I choose to live. I choose joy and self-acceptance. I choose to love life. My channels of joy are wide open. It is safe to receive. I choose to see everyone and everything with joy and love. I choose to see life as eternal and joyous. I am eternal and […]