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Thank you for Purchasing a Recorded Reading

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If you have not yet done so, please EMAIL me your question or topic to

The standard wait time is 10 days (or 5 Days if you purchased an expedited reading).  I would like to say that I get them done sooner, but it is a busy time for me, so thank you for being patient. If you have already put your info in the paypal purchase or emailed it to me, THANK YOU 🙂  I look forward to connecting with your angels and spiritual team and sending that reading off to you!

It is always an honor when I get to read for others and be of service.  As a special thank you, I would like to give a free meditation download of my Chakra Healing and Grounding Meditation that will help you stay grounded and clear each day to connect with spirit on your own!

CLICK THIS LINK TO DOWNLOAD NOW.  You will be taken to my meditation store and see the price turn to $0 then follow the directions.




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