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THANK YOU – No longer receiving donations

order Neurontin cheap overnight at washington First, I must thank you so much for the generous support and contributions over the years that you have provided so that I may create and share from the angelic realm and do my lightwork.

I have been praying long and hard on this for months now. This is not something that I will be stopping, but I am going to end the patron support contributions at this time on my end because I find that it forces the energy to produce something that may not be authentic.

thuoc cefixime 100mg/5ml Many of you know that I have constantly gone back and forth with wanting to provide consistency with what you expect and also the desire to help out. Having a patronage really puts a sense of anxiety into that for me because if I miss a week or a day, you are waiting for it. (Just so, as you should be) But, I find myself under pressure to DO something and be there.
This is not something I desire anymore to have in my life as an energetic force. I hope I am explaining this accurately. I don’t want to feel under pressure to do weekly recorded readings. I don’t want to have pressure to create meditations or even do daily readings. This has absolutely nothing to do with you at all, it is all me and the changes I have undergone through the past couple years, as we all have.

I also know from experience that if I do not do this type of “marketing” which it really feels like to me at this point. If I son’t do it, I don’t stay in the public eye and make a living. It has been a struggle. Also, though it has seen so not authentic to me. I love doing readings one on one. I have no desire to be an image of a Doreen Virtue clone that has formed in the market place. (My fault, totally, but also just what plain works)
I love my God, I love God’s angels, I love you, I love me, I am in a really good place right now. But, when I log on each day to produce a reading or produce a meme, or a words of wisdom, it just seems …… forced…. generic. that doesn’t mean it is not really it is. But, it is also something that I started in 2007 and never really evolved because I needed to work and feed my family. It is a way that I get to do what I love and also help. But taking money from you feels false to do it at this point.

So, if that makes sense, (I hope it does) I will be stopping all of it for now. You know me, I may just be needing a break for the summer. However, I do need a break to regroup and rethink. I am available for private readings. My Facebook Page will go on.  But, I will be stopping the Facebook group and turning off all donations.

But, I need to say THANK YOU! You are such a supportive blessing in my life. That will not change. The group will remain ON, just not with daily and weekly readings for now. This may be a big of disaster and I may need to get another day job. lol Or just budget better. But, I put that in God’s hands.


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