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Many ask how they can help support my content.

🌹 I take monthly donations  through Patreon here:

Become a Patron!

As a THANK YOU for supporting me through your donation, I promise to offer the following:

Thank you Gifts for donating:
1. FREE MEDITATION FILES! Never have to buy them from my store again! When I create meditations for YouTube, I load an mp3 version of that meditation here for patrons to download for FREE!

2. FREE WEEKLY REIKI ENERGY HEALING – EVERY Friday evening at 7 PM PST, I will work with the angels and send distance reiki energy healing to the patrons with the intention for healing for the highest good.

WHAT IS PATREON AND HOW DOES IT WORK? Patreon is somewhat like Kickstarter, except instead of making one large-ish donation towards one big project (like a new CD), you make recurring micro-donations for ongoing creative work.

HOW DO YOU BECOME A PATRON? Just enter an amount you’d like to donate per month in the box above and click “Become A Patron.” and then take a moment to close your eyes and feel my spirit arms wrap around you in a big ‘ol energectic HUG as a thank you 🙂

WHY AM I ASKING FOR SUPPORT? I need to pay for license free content (videos, music, etc) and also, well, make a living. I know that you love the meditations, my weekly recorded reading videos, the daily email that send you a card reading each day and have often asked “How can I help?” This is the way! It frees me up from “working” and allows me to do what you and I both love me to do, CREATE! This will help me do that for you. 🙂


🌹 OR  just bookmark this link and use it when you buy stuff for yourself on Amazon. It doesn’t cost any more, but Amazon kicks me down a few cents per purchase. Thanks

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