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Reiki Distance Healing

Distance Reiki Healing 

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What is Reiki  Energy Healing?

ReikiReiki, pronounced “ray-key,” means “universal life energy” in Japanese.  I like to think of it as connecting with God and channeling the healing energy through the body and hands.  I am a trained Reiki master. In a few words, Reiki is a part of alternative medicine therapy that traces its origin in Japan. It was developed way back in 1922 by one Mikao Usiu. Basically, the practitioner uses what is called palm energy healing, whereby universal energy is transferred through the palms of the therapist to the patient to encourage the energy healing process. It is founded on principle of stress reduction and promotion of relaxation process in order to achieve desired objectives. Overall, it is based on the very idea that a life force is always flowing through us and this is what enables us to live. In Japanese, it is simply spiritually guided life-force energy.

How can Reiki help?

Reiki can help with mind, body and spirit.  Just as there are no limits on God, there is no limit as to what can be helped by it.  Depression, anxiety, physical needs.  The energy will always go to where it is needed the very most for the highest good.  It is great to set intentions for this energy healing energy, but also know that it is important not to limit it with beliefs of what it can and cannot do.  God it limitless.  Anything is possible. It is important to note that Reiki treats a myriad ares. These include, but not limited to body and emotions. It also helps in the treatment of the mind and the human spirit.  Please note that Reiki should never be used instead of medical treatment. I am not a medical physician or medical intuitive. It is a supplement treatment and addition your current medical or therapy treatment and should be recognized as such.

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Reiki Treatment Process and Experience

ReikiThe Reiki treatment process experience will vary from one patient to the other based on variable factors. For instance, the type of disease or malady a patient suffers determines the experience. However, most of the patients have experienced unmatched feelings of relaxation during the entire process. Some have also experienced a glowing radiance around them that makes them have some sense of peace. The tension and anxiety that a patient is prone to are always gone within a short period. Additionally, some have said that they had out-of-body experiences and had visions.

Number of Treatments Administered

There is no definite number for the Reiki master to administer the treatment to a patient. It all comes back to the particular health issue of the patient, and the severity of the disease one is suffering from. However, for experimental purposes you can take 1 or 2 sessions to discover the mystery and the healing abilities of this particular healing modality.Reiki

The one thing that makes Reiki unique is that it can be used to help patients who are far away. Basically, this applies in Reiki attunement. In this case, a picture of the patient is used or just a patient’s name written down on a piece of paper. In some circumstances, you just have to think of the person you want to send the Reiki to. What you need to do is to activate the Reiki symbol and the person will help no matter where they are.

All in all, Reiki is a great form of alternative medicine that even young children can learn. It is quite helpful for pregnant mother and babies alike. Further, it is used to heal animals and plants like it too. Adding Reiki to your regular healing routine can stabilize you emotions, release stress, help keep your chakra’s clean and flowing and be an overall benefit to your health.  I highly recommend it and do it myself daily.

 What to do and expect after a treatment:

Make sure to drink lots of water the week following the request for Reiki and know that you may get a little emotional or even have some “physical” releasing affects (mucus, sneezing, yes, in the bathroom) as the toxins and blocks break up in your body and are released. Therefore a sea salt bath or even white light shower with Archangel Michael asking him to release it all from your aura down the drain would be a good idea for a few days after.

You may book a distance Reiki session through my service.  I will send a follow up email once it is completed to the email address that you booked it through.

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Please note that Reiki should never be used instead of medical treatment. I am not a medical physician or medical intuitive. It is a supplement treatment and addition to your current medical treatment and should be recognized as such.

I so look forward to sending Reiki your way!

Much love and many blessings,




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