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June 2019 Reading

June 2019 Reading!

June is actually a very wonderful month if you let yourself enjoy it. We have spent the last few months just waiting and plotting.

This month, we are going to be able to finally relax and breathe. Many of the choices that we had to make last month are going to start to bear some fruit as we move forward It is going to be very important, and also challenging, to remember that you are completely up to the task of the changes you are about to make in your life!

As these doors and opportunities start to open, you’ll find yourself in new and sometimes unsettling situations of the unknown. Having never been here before, but probably excited to get started into the next chapter. (Finally! Right?) Make sure to allow yourself some time to relax and enjoy the moment. It can be very tempting to get stuck in a hamster wheel of looking into the past at all the things that had a different outcome than you had wished or looking into the future of the five things that could happen but probably never will. This is pointless and will only cause anxiety or fear. The challenge of June is being present and willing to enjoy the moment as it is.

You will start feeling much better in the way of health. Your mind will be clear, your body healthier, and your spirit relatively peaceful. I feel as though if you took a moment to just realize how far you’ve come, you’d feel a lot better physically and mentally about everything that’s going on right now. Many of your health issues are an illusion. Not to say that some of you are not having definite health issues. However, are they as bad as you are telling yourself they are? Are you also noticing how much you’ve improved? to be in a better place with your help this month, give yourself the benefit of gratitude on how far you’ve come. The changes that you’ve made and how much better you’re probably doing than this time last year. If you are having some health struggles, work with Archangel Raphael and ask them to bring in the right resources to help you find out what you need to do and feel better. You will find that you may have to be in your own corner instead of depending on somebody else to do the footwork for you.

This card of self-respect is perfect for your relationships this month. You’re going to find that you have to speak your truth often and with compassion and love to those around you that may be feeling as though they need their two cents heard. Many people this month may have an opinion on what you should be doing and how you should be living your life. It’s going to be a bit of a challenge, but do your best to understand that they mean well. If you find yourself getting triggered, simply take a breath and remind yourself that the person in front of you is simply speaking from their own personal experience.

This month you’re going to have to make some choices about your relationships that are for your highest good. This may mean cutting a few connections or simply understanding that it’s time for you to move on from certain friendships or working relationships. If it is not healthy or helping your heart to know these people any longer, pray for them and move on. This is the time that you need to make some heart healthy decisions of who stays in your life. Love yourself enough to do this and loving people will be brought in later to replace those that can’t quite get there vibration high enough to stay in your life.

Financially, I do think there may be one expense that comes in unexpectedly towards mid to end of the month. Whether a car breaks down or you need a new water heater, you might find that you’ll be happy if you hold back a few hundred dollars instead of having to put it on credit.

It is nothing major and it shouldn’t be too detrimental to your financial health, but it could be an unpleasant surprise if you’re not careful. I have been speaking with many of you in personal readings and I’m so happy to hear that you have taken the angels guidance to heart to get your finances in order. Whether it’s been consciously or unconsciously, I find that many of you have been doing better with your finances and putting the money where it needs to go. We will need to continue to do this as the economy will start to change in the next few months.
Those of you that have been faithful will find that it does not reflect too hard on your present situation. If you have been one of the few that has been recklessly spending instead of saving, it’s not too late. Start a good budget and you’ll be amazed that, if you stick to it,  are you how quickly you can get back on top of your finances.

I hope this reading finds you safe and well! If you would like a personal reading with me and your spiritual team, you may find my rates and calendar here: – I would love to connect with you!

Much love and many blessings!

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