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7 Warning Signs from the Angels

7 Warning Signs from the Angels

Are the Angels sending you warning signs?

Warning Signs from Angels

God has created the angels as a way to take care of us and surround us as we move through our day-to-day lives. They surround us to protect us and keep us safe and often times this also means giving us times we are in danger. How many times have you said I wish I could just know what to do? If we are in the wrong direction or in trouble, the angels give us signs that we may be on the wrong path. There are a few different ways that the angels try to get through to us to give us a warning. Here are some ways to check in with the angels that surround you to see if possibly you are going in the wrong direction.

Strange Delays

How many times have you been so frustrated at being stuck in traffic only to find out that there was a big accident along the freeway? One that you very possibly would’ve been a part of? You can thank your angels for keeping you safe! The angels have ways of delaying the world around us to keep us from getting into sticky situations. If you’re on a train and it has been delayed for some unknown reason, you may find out later that there was an accident that you could have been involved in if the train had not been delayed. Maybe you’re driving through town and getting stuck in all the red lights and it gets frustrating only to later find out that something dangerous happened at the place you are arriving at. The Angels are constantly running ahead of us to put things into motion to keep us safe. That is their top priority and many times they will use situations in our lives to slow down and keep as many people possible safe from dangerous situations.


Hearing a Buzz or High Pitched Tone Ear

Claire audiences also a way that Angels get a hold of us. Many times, I have people ask me why do we have this high-pitched ringing in my ear all the time? Of course, I always say don’t rule out any physical issues. It definitely could be something physical. However, if you have ruled that out with your doctor, many times the Angels will give us a high-pitched ringing inner ear to let us know that they are near and we should be paying attention to the moment at hand. Sometimes, when I’m giving a reading, I have to ask the angels to tone it down so that I will not get distracted by what they’re trying to let me know. Usually, it is to pay attention to the messages coming through or around me. a fun little test to figure out if the angels are communicating with you is to take a deep breath and ask them to turn it down. I am to this day always amazed that the high-pitched ringing will lower or go away. This lets me know it’s supernatural and not something in the physical realm. I then thank them for the sign to pay attention and look around at what is going on. Very often I am not paying attention to the world around me and I find that I could’ve been in a situation that should be avoided if I had not heard a high-pitched tone. especially in the days of technology and having our attention on cell phones instead of where we’re going, the angels will use this trick.

Getting Sick or Just Feeling Off

Warning Signs from AngelsHave you ever had plans to go somewhere, like work, a party or event, only to find out that you are now nauseous right before the event and just don’t feel like going? Then, miraculously you feel better shortly after you’ve made the decision not to go. Many times when we have made plans that we feel we should follow through on because we’ve made commitments, the only way that we can avoid going is to get sick. Afterward, it is very likely you will find out something happened and you will be so happy that you avoided it! If you tend to get nauseous or have stomach problems, again ,always rule out the physical first. But trust that gut instinct. The angels higher vibrational energy can be channeled to make us a little nauseous if we are not supposed to be somewhere and need to change your plans at the last minute.

Dreams and Premonitions

Dreams and premonitions are often a very tricky thing to decipher. But, they are a great indicator of things to come for those that tend to be clairvoyant. Clairvoyance is the other word for spiritual saying. If you have a dream that feels very vivid and realistic, a premonition of something you’re going to do in the future, pay attention to that. Make a note on it and pray about it or meditate further on the meaning of it. Very often, we have dreams about things too, and we’re not quite sure what it means. If there is a sense of danger or uncertainty about what to do or if you should go or not to place or an event, I highly recommend praying about it and asking for further clarity during meditation.  I recommend that you keep a dream journal and note the date and time of the dream. Give it as much detail as you can and read back through the journal often. If the dream is coming true, leave room under each instance that you’ve noted to fill in the confirmation. Over time, you will have a wonderful Journal of premonitions and confirmations that the angels are nearby and your psychic intuition is valid.

Hearing a Disembodied Voice

Warning Signs from AngelsIt is very rare, but there are some cases when you’re crossing a street and a car is coming for you or somewhere that you should not be and the angels will yell at you. There’ve been cases where someone has been about to cross the street in front of a bus or a train and heard the word yelled out to them, “Stop!” sometimes we hear our name being said down the hallway or in a bathroom. It is usually just a brief word, sometimes it can sound as though it’s coming through on the wind. However, if you ever hear a word and no one is around, make sure to check your situation and what you are about to do. Take that moment to delay your path forward. It will be pretty easy to do because you heard somebody yell you and no one is around. This can definitely freak you out of it. But say thank you for the unknown delay and have faith that your angels just kept you safe.

Losing or Breaking a Possession

The angels will often lose an article for you if you are not supposed to be going somewhere. You may lose your keys, your watch, or possibly a piece of jewelry that is important to you. This is also often a way that they will delay you. maybe the power will go off or your phone will reset and the morning alarm does not go off. It will just seem to be a random occurrence until possibly later you find out that something happened along the path you were supposed to take. Sometimes though, we never find out what we missed and we just have to have faith that there is a reason for losing or breaking the item that caused the delay.

Uncomfortable Feeling in Your Stomach

This is just a gut instinct. It’s different from feeling nauseous or sick. Many times we have these gut instincts that something is off for wrong. Many times it is our angels giving us that vibrational feel that you are headed in the wrong direction. You just have to trust your gut. If you are feeling a twinge are uncomfortable about moving forward in your not sure why, take some time out to pray about it because God is likely sent some angels to surround you and the vibrational shift in your energy field has been raised to bring your attention to the fact that you have to trust your intuition at this time.

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