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December 2018 Look Ahead Reading

December 2018 Look Ahead Reading

Stay grounded this month as we move ahead!
You can either strive or thrive!  It is your choice.

psychic angel readingDecember is a month that you may find yourself seeking some counsel or a possible spiritual consultation. Someone or perhaps even events going on around you may provide some guidance, so keep your ears and eyes open to what Spirit brings your way. Maybe you yourself are wanting to become a teacher, counselor, and  find yourself in a position of giving spiritual advice. Either way, stay GROUNDED this month.  It will be tempting to dart back and forth from situation to feeling. You may find yourself often un-grounded in the energy of the season and the new choices in life that you are manifesting.

You will really find yourself looking to stay close to your own morals and traditional values, When you’re considering your options, make sure you stay true to yourself instead of going off  into unknown territory or adopting a new unconventional choice that may throw you off your center. You need to stay grounded now more than ever because the world is changing  fast and you will find your that morals and values are being tested this month.  Make sure that you stay true to yourself and the rest will fall into place.You will be so glad you did at the end of the month. Sticking to what resonates with you is the best way to move forward in your own personal direction next year.

Your health will actually be on the top of your mind as you go through the month ahead. You may receive a little bit health advice or some test results back that leave you wanting to chase the next best thing for your health management. Do your best to not get too distracted by too many options. You are a very connected person. Don’t let yourself get distracted shiny new fads. Pray about any new opportunity or choice that you want to make and go within to listen to the still small voice that’s within your heart and instincts to do what resonates with you. Your Divine self will lean you in the right direction of what you should be doing right now at this moment. That may simply be to continue with what you’re doing now or the angels may give you a new bit of information or advice to pursue and look into. Whatever comes your way, make sure that you are very grounded within your own energy so that you can trust the direct you choose to move into.  Also, don’t get flighty.  If you research and choose a health option.  Stick to it and see it through.  Give it time to work.

Someone’s heart is ruling their head! You may find yourself being so afraid of being hurt that you remain paralyzed into doing nothing. Should I stay or should I go?  What should I do? This is a really great month to just go for it. In your relationships this month you may find that you have to go and give it a try!  Try to trust what you feel and ignore the fear. This is a great month of taking chances in your love life. You will find that your communication skills are at their height of perfection and taking a big chance, as long as you are coming from a grounded space, you will have a lot of fun in  giving it a try. Archangel Ariel can definitely help with this, so work with Ariel to clear your heart and mind to get them unified into the same direction of moving forward. Viva la love!!!

Despite the fear and worry you’re having about money at this time, you will find that you may also be having a bit of trouble sticking to the path you’ve chosen. You need to keep going. Eventually it will work out. December is a month where we need to really look forward into the year ahead. It’s something I’ve been telling my personal clients and I’m sure you’ve gotten a whiff of in your own intuition. The economy is changing next year and this is the time to really make some solid choices about your personal finances.

The Universe will bring you an opportunity to increase those finances and it will be up to you to take the chance and go for it. This may mean a second job or simply may mean that you find a good budgeting app and take control of your money to know what the reality is of your situation financially. Whatever the Angels bring you, make sure that you do not get stuck in fear and do nothing. You have a really wonderful opportunity to create a plan this month and put it into action that will set you forward into 2019 successfully.

However, I will tell you that if you do nothing and over spend this holiday season, you will regret it. Find the simple ways to enjoy this holiday month. Enjoy your family, enjoy friends, the lights and value the old traditions that are free or low cost. Instead of going out to dinner with friends, have a potluck and play games. Any extra money that you would have spent, put away for the rainy day that is about to come in the next few months. God will always provide for you, but you also need to make sure that you do your part to provide and take care of yourself in a way that lays a strong foundation for the next 15 years for you and those that depend on you.

Much love and many blessings!

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