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9 Ways to Raise Your Vibration and Be Happy

Be Happy Now

Every “thing” is made of energy. From Einstein’s equation for Mass-Energy Equivalence, E = mc2 we know that matter is just a form of condensed energy. All matter is made of atoms which in turn are made of vibrating particles, so the whole universe is a cosmic dance vibrating at one frequency or the other. When it comes to our thoughts and emotions we have positive, negative and neutral ones. Positive thoughts and emotions obviously make us feel better, our body feels more energetic, so in spiritual teachings, it is called a state of higher vibrations. Even having mental calm we fell more energetic because our mind is not dissipating energy through repetitive negative thoughts and emotions.

On the conscious level, everyone wants to think positive and feel more energetic but there is more to it. There is part of ourselves which enjoys victim mentality, having complaints and worries, holding grievances etc. In spiritual traditions, this mindset is called the “Ego” and the essence of spirituality is to go beyond this limited sense of mind. Now let us look at the ways to increase our vibrations and be happier.

1. Meditation

meditateThe simplest form of meditation is just to be aware of your breathing. To divert energy from the egotistic mind we need to guide our attention to a different place. Be it breathing or feeling the different areas of your body, mantra meditation, etc. we are calming our mind by diverting our energy. When the mind is lost in circles, logic and reasoning won’t really work, learn a way to meditate and practice regularly. Meditating is letting go of the chains your mind places on your vibes.

2. Exercise

Thoughts and emotions have a direct effect on the well-being of our body. You may have felt different areas of your body tightening or relaxing depending on the state of your mind. Exercise helps you ease the blockages and get the energies flowing freely. Any form of exercise will do. Choose the one that you enjoy doing. Apart from your favorite activity do include some type of stretching or Yoga towards different parts of your body, thus releasing your bodily tensions completely.

3. Knowledge

When people who have gone beyond the Ego teach by talking or writing, their work has the power to make you go beyond your Ego. The words are packed with the power of presence. Reading books, watching videos or listening to talks helps you move beyond your limiting mind patterns. There are many spiritual teachers, find out the ones among them appealing to your heart and mind. Some of the self-help gurus pack new age psychology and some pumped up lines which only makes you feel good at that moment but won’t help you for long. Probably the teacher makes be speaking from memory and not from experience. The teachings coming from genuine experience won’t lose power even if you reread the book or listen to the talk repeatedly.

4. Singing, Dancing, Chanting, Laughing

Most of the time we are engaged with the left half of our brain which analyses and reasons. Spending time engaging the right half of our brain feels very refreshing. Sing your heart out, dance when no one is watching. Spend some time reading jokes, watching sitcoms or stand-up comedy, whatever tickles your funny bone. Some spiritual traditions have beautiful chants, even listening to them one can the vibes change in the body.

5. Nature

In nature, things happen without the mental stress us humans are accustomed to. Nature can help us reconnect to the part of life where things happen without the need for thought. The beauty of nature always strikes a chord in our heart, making us feel more lively. Even listening to the rustling of leaves of a tree swaying to wind is therapeutic. If not possible to do it every day, make it a point to spend some time in nature at least once every week.

6. Taking Time Off

When feeling low, you can also take some time off to raise your vibrations. Make sure that you are not passively consuming like binge eating, binge watching a TV series, gossiping, etc. Stay silent, meditate. Stay away from social media, texting, and continuously checking your phone for updates, etc. This will detox your mind.

7. De-clutter

Changing our physical space like organizing our stuff neatly, throwing away or giving away unnecessary stuff can also free up mental space. Eating healthy, staying clean, keeping our surroundings clean automatically raises our vibes. Drinking more water, taking regular baths, going for a swim have all been known to make us feel better. Water has a great connection to our well being probably because most of our body is made of it.

8. Service

When you are feeling low go help someone in need, even if it only helping someone cross the street. What goes around comes around. When feeling stuck, your energies are not properly in sync, when you help another, the energy from that action immediately helps you get free. Seeing other’s difficulties will make us realize how we all are in the same boat and awaken the compassion and lightheartedness in us.

9. Affirmations

affirmationsWhen we are bogged down by negative thoughts, it occasionally helps to repeat the positive ones. We may mentally know some truths but don’t actually have the experience, for example: Say you are facing a challenge and your mind is coming up with the different reasons, you won’t be able to overcome the challenges. You mentally know that all strength lies with you and that you are very powerful but you are unable to feel the strength. Affirming “I have all the necessary strength” repeatedly will actually make you realize the strength and raise your vibes. Similarly, affirmation can help you realize the courage, beauty, love, peace that are always in you.

Try out the different techniques, and realize the ones that work better for you. At different stages of your life, you will be inclined to use different ways. Don’t force yourself on being positive, focus on being calm, positivity follows.

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