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February 2018 Angel Card Reading

February 2018 Angel Card Reading

Stay Focused In February

angel card reading focusFebruary is going to be a month needing to stay focused when it seems the most difficult to do so. You’ll definitely want to work with the Archangel Zadkiel at this time when things seem to be just not happening at all. You will need to stay the course when things seem as though all of the intentions that you set in the fall are just not happening at the speed you would like. Remember that things are growing under the surface from the seeds that you planted back in the Fall of 2017. You will need to do your best to be understanding. Keep reminding yourself that the Universe is working for your highest good this month. This can be very challenging when all of our insecurities start to creep in and have us thinking is though we did something wrong, maybe we made the wrong decision, or we just aren’t good enough. This is simply your fear and something that you will need to work through with meditation, prayer, or simply choosing to know that you are worthy of all the things coming later in the year. You have spent a long time getting to this point of self-awareness. Don’t go backwards now and start enabling your fear of moving forward once again. Health:
Be careful and take care of your health this month as it  may be a time of frustration as you wait for things to unfold. This could kick in issues with your sacral chakra, just below the navel. It is also possible that your throat chakra will tighten up because of your lack of speaking your truth.  As you move forward into the month, remember that others around you are also going through the uncertainty as we wait for the new year manifestations to kick in. This may have you stressed out, not speaking your truth, simply feeling undervalued. These chakras could very possibly be affected if you do not take time to sit and clear them each day with a good chakra clearing meditation. Journal out any frustrations that you may have to release and let it go. Physically, take your vitamins, plus eat the fruits and vegetables that your body needs to sustain a healthy immune system. It will help you through the month of February stay healthy and whole!

Archangel Raphael is a great Angel to work with to help guide you with your personal body needs to stay healthy as well as processing through any mental or spiritual illness that may be coming up for you through meditation and prayer work. Relationships:
There are two ways that you can choose to move into your relationships this month with those around you.Option 1: You may choose to be resentful, triggered, or frustrated that those around you do not understand you or where you are coming from at this time. You may choose to feel undervalued and underappreciated as you seem to be doing all of the work, at least in your own mind, and that nothing is quite working out as you planned and it is everybody else’s fault. Or Option 2: You may choose to be loving and understanding that everyone else is also going through the waiting game of manifestation and getting a bit frustrated or resentful in the process. This allows you to understand from a spiritual perspective that things come in Divine Timing if you simply choose to trust the process. Archangel Raguel is there to help you with communication at work, at home, or simply in the grocery line or parking lot. Tensions might run a little high now and then, but if you choose to be loving and listen to those around you with a kind ear and helpful advice, you will find that February is a true blessing of spiritual understanding and learning. This will also give you a kinder outlook on the world and have you breezing through with no problems whatsoever! After all, the miscommunications that come up this month are simply an illusion and how you choose to look at it.

can you buy Pregabalin in canada Finances:
Well, if you’ve known me for any little bit of time at all, you know that I will always be honest with you. This is a month when we do not want to overspend and budget.

If you are expecting money this month it may be delayed. If you do receive money this month, it may not be as much as you hoped or a partial payment. The truth is that this is a month of waiting. We are being asked always to have faith in Divine timing. I am not saying that you will not have the money you need. You will find that this month gives you exactly what you need and what you have budgeted for. Actually, you probably will receive word of money coming in the future this month. The truth is that the Universe is working on a lot of things for us to surface as we move into this year of manifestation. But, for now, we have to have faith  that the Universe is working underneath the surface with what we planted this past Fall. I know that I keep saying this, but people tend to be surprised when things do not work out as they hoped. So financially, I would budget well this month and don’t overspend. Everything you need will happen and be delivered, so, we can enjoy the present moment and realize our fears of lack are simply that. Fear. It is an illusion. However, be smart and heed the that advice Archangel Michael gives you now and choose to live this month frugally and happily. Pay your bills early when the money arrives. If you do want to make a purchase this month plan ahead when everything needed is already taken care of, and enjoy this month through the little things that show up daily to bring us joy.

Have a great month!


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