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Solar Eclipse 2017 and Transformation

Solar Eclipse 2017 and Transformation

Solar Eclipse 2017  – A Year of Transformation solar-eclipseWell, the solar eclipse is upon us on August 21st and many have been asking me about the energies that they are experiencing over the last two weeks. While I definitely do not proclaim to be an astrologer, I definitely do feel the energy of the universe revving up in preparation for this wonderful awakening event. I have had many clients telling me that they are overly anxious or even possibly feeling depressed, but not sure why. I have been feeling the changes myself and have been feeling the shift. We are uncertain of the energy that it is creating.


watch ascension eclipseI have also been feeling the great awareness and ascension in my intuition as we move into this new phase of life. I urge you to remember what the angels have been telling us all year long, especially Archangel Metatron, that this is a year transformation. The first half of this year involved a deep sense of mental transformation as we were feeling the drive to move towards our life purpose. We have a spiritual contract with other beings in the world and the universe to move the planet forward this year. If we are not in our purpose or doing what we are here to do, we will feel the driving need to do so.

Mentally, that was very a very challenging thing to feel and know for many of us, so we fought it. Especially through the month of April and May, these months caused a great deal of anxiety depression and feelings of failure for some. However, we were given a little bit of a break through June and July to regroup and we started to come to terms with the fact that if we’re not happy, we need to change it. Luckily, many of you, myself included,  decided to do this. Go us!  It has been getting easier as we pull together a game plan.


transformation eclipseWhat is so awesome about this is that we are now shifting this August into the physical transformation of our lives. Archangel Metatron came and told me very clearly back in November 2016 that this would be a rough year for many as we would be forced to do what we came here this time to do. We are actually just being forced by ourselves, simply because it is in our soul contract to do so.  It may be hard to believe but I have spoken to way too many folks this year to doubt that this is a coincidence.  It is part of a blueprint we all signed up for, at least those that are drawn to help, not hinder the process.

As we move through the month of August, we are finding ourselves researching and looking into options for our future lives. Many of you are choosing to move locations, some are simply looking to change your jobs or profession. But, what I find the most interesting is that many women that I have been sitting in reading sessions with are getting pregnant. Many women have been trying for years to get pregnant and find themselves blessed right now at this time , carrying a child that they’ve been wanting for so many years during this eclipse (or close to it) and this time of transformation. I find this such a beautiful manifestation of what Archangel Metatron has been telling me the entire year. We are creating a new world.  We are transforming our reality and choosing again to make it a better place by living the best version of our lives for ourselves, those we love, and in turn, those we can help.

If you are finding yourself anxious, depressed, or even just uncertain of what you’re feeling and how to move forward, pray about it. Look back on the last year and see if this resonates with you. Have you been transforming? First mentally and now physically, are you being drawn to change your life to move forward into the future that brings you peace and happiness?


manifestation eclipseOne thing of significant note that Archangel Metatron has been telling many people this year is that the seeds we plant in August, September, and October are going to manifest in our lives for the next 15 years. Please make sure to be very clear about what it is you are planting at this time. If you are in a new job and in the midst of a learning curve, learn to become the best that you can be at it. If you are about to move or have just moved, plant those roots deep and make the best of it.

The next 3 months are about the learning curve of shifting into our new way of being. We have come here at this time to help this world. We can only do this if we are first happy with ourselves and where we are in it.  The angels are definitely with us and Archangel Metatron has been helping us on the other side to keep us organized, on plan, and on track. Thank you Metatron!

Let Me Know

I would love to hear your comments below about the transformational shifts and decisions that you’ve been making in 2017 so far. I know that I have been blown away personally by the experiences that I have had. Next year is the year of manifestation. The real question is, what will you be manifesting from the seeds you plant this year? Manifestation can come in many ways. Negative and positive. So it is a time right now to make sure that you are manifesting what it is that you truly desire. What it is that you truly came here to do and experience?

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