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Archangels, Angels and Ascended Masters

Archangels, Angels and Ascended Masters

Archangels, Angels and Ascended Masters


ArchangelsArchangels are mighty Beings of Light with a very high intensity vibrational frequency. These powerful Beings of Light are closest to the Source, and have billions of angels working under Them in all obedience. The Archangels have a divine task to maintain perfect harmony and balance in the entire cosmos. The Archangels belong to the angelic realms and are of the highest order.

There are seven Rays of God Consciousness, and each of the seven Archangels represents each of the Rays.

Archangel Michael represents the Blue Ray
Archangel Chamuel represents the Pink Ray
Archangel Raphael represents the Green Ray
Archangel Jophiel represents the Yellow Ray
Archangel Gabriel represents the White Ray
Archangel Zadkiel represents the Violet Ray
Archangel Uriel represents the Purple/Gold Ray

Unlike the Ascended Masters, Archangels have never incarnated as human beings. Despite the magnanimity of their position and work, they are always ready to attend to the plaintive calls for help and protection of the lesser mortals.


Angels are pure beings of Light and love but have a lower vibrational frequency than the Archangels. They are known as the “Messengers of God”, and work under the supervision of the Archangels with greater responsibility, dedication, and joy. Angels have no gender and have the qualities of masculine and feminine energy. In reality, they do not have wings. This is just the imagination of the artists who have depicted angels with wings, harps, and what-have-you. Why would they need wings when they can travel at the speed of thought and be at several places at the same time? The lightning speed at which they move creates a flash of light, which makes it look like they are flying, and so to satisfy the human mind, wings were introduced and related to the angels.

Billions of angels are assigned to look after Mother Earth and all Her inhabitants.  The angelic beings work tirelessly round the clock, so to speak, in sustaining the living conditions on Earth for man and Nature. Their love for man is unconditional. These diligent bright beings know that it is a thankless job, and do not expect gratitude from man. However, they are happy when their presence is acknowledged. They like to be around people who believe in them and express appreciation for the work that they do. They love being around happy, joyful people.

Ascended Masters

ascended-mastersThe Ascended Masters are the Beings of Light who work in, with and for the Light. The Great White Brotherhood is a Spiritual Organization composed of Ascended Masters who had walked the Earth as ordinary men and women and worked their way up to being highly evolved and perfected Beings of Light. They have transcended all cycles of karma and rebirth and ascended to the Higher Realities. While some have progressed onward to their higher evolution, the others have chosen to stay back to help humanity and the planet with its evolution.

These Great Perfected Beings of Light have a dazzling white aura around them as if they are enrobed in a white garment, and this is what “White” refers to when we speak of the Great White Brotherhood. The term “white” refers to their advanced spirituality and not to any race or nationality. They emit radiant beauty and have a striking personality. As these Great Masters are not embodied, they cannot work physically on Earth, but work through their instruments or mediums on Earth, who are trained, disciplined and spiritually-developed. It is through these mediums that the Ascended Masters are able to reach out to the masses.

Having gone through the same trials and tribulations of life, when they walked the Earth, they can well relate to the problems of man. They know every pitfall and danger along the Path and thus have better expertise to guide man through his life-journey. Though they work for the betterment of all mankind, they do not interfere with his free-will. They can guide and counsel, but they will never compel a man to do anything against his will, even if it be for his own well-being and happiness. They always work in harmony with the Cosmic Laws. Our beloved Ascended Masters have vast knowledge and profound wisdom, and yet they too are ever learning, ever evolving to still higher levels of consciousness.

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