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Deceased Loved Ones in Heaven Are Watching Over You

Your Deceased Loved Ones in Heaven Are Watching Over Youdeceased loved one

Deceased loved ones are near! Our ancestors and family members that have gone before us are close by taking care of us. They are helping us when we feel lonely or in need. Many times we feel so lonely as though nobody else is around to listen. You can always remember that even though your friends and family members that have passed on to the other side of the veil are gone physically, they are always nearby when you call on them. When you know someone who has suffered the death of a loved one it can really be upsetting. We try and do all we can to console and support them. We even shower them with bereavement gifts to help the healing begin.

Of course, we know that they are not gone forever, they have simply changed from physical form back into their spirit bodies. We know that someday we will join them once again and compare notes how we did in this lifetime. But, that still does not always take away the loneliness that we feel from their physical absence. Here are a few ways that loved ones show to let us know that there are near when we need them:

They Leave Us Objects

How many times have you found coins, feathers, jewelry, pictures, or simply anything odd laying around in a place where it had not been before? Many times our deceased loved ones will leave us objects to find in places where it is completely undisputed that something supernatural is going on. I have heard over the years of many different objects that clients have found in the middle of the room and it gives them a laugh because they know exactly the deceased relative that left it behind. It usually has some sort of significance or is simply happening so many times it can no longer be disputed that someone’s trying get a message across. When you find the object, simply take a moment to smile, feel their love and say hello or have a small conversation with them because it is pretty much guaranteed they are standing nearby.

If you are confused about who it could possibly be leaving these things around you, take a moment to breathe in deeply, drop into your heart chakra and ask to know exactly who it is. If you do not overthink it, it usually is the first thought that pops into your mind of who it may be. If you are still confused, ask signs that are a little more clear! They will provide it.

They Send Us A Bit of Music

Many times we will be driving along the road and a song that reminds us of our loved one will come across to the radio. Nowadays, very often our music players suddenly skipped to a new song that’s not on the playlist that we were listening to. This is always fun because we know it is them sending us a message loud and clear! Also, pay attention to those around you that may be humming a tune or singing a song that you and your loved one used to share. Many times those that have crossed over will impress upon folks surrounding us with the tune and they will have no idea why, but you will!

They Give Us Something To Watch

Sometimes, while watching TV or an online program, an old movie, commercial, or television show that are lost one used to watch will pop up on the screen or in the menu guide. I’ve even had it happen where the menu guide said one thing, but when I turned to the channel, it was the TV show that reminded me of someone that had passed long ago. I loved it when that happened because it is just like with music, I knew it was him. Also, with all of the options for online technology to watch shows, it is that much easier for us to be given messages from those we love that have passed.

Unknown Whispersdeceased loved one

I also hear from many clients that they heard their name being called down the hall or from behind them. It is like a voice from far away but still easily heard in the minds ear. I often hear that someone woke up to a voice of their loved one whispering in their ear. It is also possible, that you may hear something whispered in your ear as you drift to sleep. This is because as we are in the twilight state of mind, our consciousness is more open as we drift to sleep or wake up, so a spirit is able to slip a message in. You may want to keep a notebook by your bed because it is easy to lose the message if you let it go too long after waking up.

These are just a few ways that our loved ones that have crossed over let us know that they are close. However, if you do not hear or see any of the above, please know that they are always close by and do not feel despair. Simply talk to them and know they are close at hand to give you the love and support ads they did when they were here in the physical realm. People can often get frustrated when they do not hear or see anything from a loved one . They feel as though they’ve been abandoned. Many times, it takes a while for spirit to get their bearings on the other side after they cross. They are close but simply are having a hard time communicating. Just keep talking and knowing they are there. Over time they will grow in strength and get their messages through.


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