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Signs That You Are A Healer

Signs that You Are a Healer Put on This Earth to Be of Service


Often wondered to yourself, “Am I really a healer?” Although it’s not widely known, the world we’re living in is filled with light workers, angelic beings and spiritual healers that have purposefully incarnated on Earth to help humanity in its ascension to higher frequencies of existence.

In other words, these people have come here to heal the world and make it a better place for us all. However, due to the fact that this is not something known to most people, a lot of these gifted people don’t even know they have it in their powers to assist the world’s ascension. Here are a few clear signs that you are a healer and your purpose is to be of service to humanity.

# 1 You Are a Highly-Sensitive Introvert

Healer - LightworkerThe first clear sign that you are a healer stands in your very nature. A lot of healers are highly empathetic introverts that have an acute sensitivity, sometimes manifesting through anxiety, panic attacks or mood disorders.

If you are able to sense the energies when entering a room this may also point to your special healing gifts.
A healer will often time experience shoulder or neck pains, because it feels that all the problems in the world hang on their shoulders and they need to fix them.

Another sign that you may be a healer is that you have special relations to animals and kids in the sense that they are drawn to you, even if they are shy with other people.

# 2 You Feel Like You Don’t Fit In

If you find yourself drained after social interactions and need more time alone and love solitude, this is a clear sign that you are a healer. Due to their acute sensitivity, healers can absorb so much negative energies around them, which leaves them drained and even sore.
If you have just a couple of real friends that you can speak your mind to, and you’re very selective to whom you let in you may be a healer. Healers are in most cases people who don’t fit in because the way they experience reality is much different from the majority, who tend to consider them very different.

# 3 You Want to Help or Assist Others

Healer - LightworkerHowever, the clearest indication you might be a healer with a mission to be of service on this earth, is that you’re always looking for ways to help others even at your own loss. This is why people love to have you around because it soothes them and raises their vibration.
In hard times people turn to you, sometimes overwhelmed by their problems and you do whatever to make them feel comfortable and at ease. If you’re also interested in alternative healing methods or natural healing methods or you even work in the medical sector, you are a humanity healer on a mission to help the earth.

You have always been drawn to service oriented careers.  Did you grow up wanting to be a doctor, nurse, teacher, therapist, or any type of position that would have you being of service to others?  Even as a massage therapist, hair dresser, administrative assistant or human resources employee, you are helping someone do and be their best with your help.  Healers are very often driven to take jobs that have them helping others.

Look for the Signs

healerIf you often see repetitive number patterns, if you’re attracted to esoteric knowledge, to the mystics, to tarot, crystals or if you’re fascinated by spiritual practices in general, this is even more clear indications that you might be a spiritual healer put on this earth to be of service.
If you’re reading this right now, it’s no coincidence at all, but rather a sign that it’s time to dive deep inside you and accept your healing gift that you have been given at your birth and embrace your life purpose. Whether you choose to be a healer through “normal” ways or new age spiritual ways, have a great time while you are at it!  By living your purpose and being of service, you live a happier, healthier or overall, spiritual well being life.


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