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Past Life Reading: Pick a Clock, Get a Reading

Pick a Clock!!  See who you were in a Past Life!

Which picture resonates with you? Select a number and go to my website to see your past life reading!

Clock Number 1:

Your past life card was VOWS : Are you having issues with diet, lack of money, or possibly self sabotaging any romantic relationships in your life? If you chose clock number one, it is very likely that many of the things that may be affecting you now are attached to limiting beliefs regarding vows that you have taken in a previous life. Many times this represents living a past life as a nun or a monk or in some sort of religious sect. It is very possible that some of these vows may have included fasting, property, or self-denial of some kind such as chastity. If you are having issues with food, lack of money or abundance, or sexual/romantic issues, this may be the reason if you have belief systems in place from a previous life that they are not allowed or can inhibit your connection to God. It is also possible that in this lifetime maybe you are overeating, overspending, or over sexualizing your life because you feel as though you are so deprived of it in that life and you believe if you do not go overboard it may never come your way again. Take some time to meditate or pray about any connections to past lives that you may have attached to the vows that you may have taken that are still in place. By simply acknowledging those vows and that they are no longer valid in the current lifetime, they can be released and your flow of energy in the areas where you are experiencing blocks will open up. Working with Archangel Jeremiel is a really great way to clear these past connections. He can help you remember and identify the vows that are in place and dissolve them with ease and grace.

Clock Number 2:

past lifeYour past life card was UNREQUITED LOVE: If you are drawn to clock number two, it is very likely that you still have a strong connection to a lifetime where you experienced unrequited love. If you find yourself in this life unable to hold a healthy, loving relationship, whether it be romantic or not, it is likely that you have a strong belief from the past life that you are not worthy of being loved or noticed by those that you love. Sometimes, we also manifest relationships with others that do not respect us or treat us well because of this. It is very possible that you sabotage your relationships with others because you do not believe you are worthy of their affection or devotion. This is because in a past life you are not valued or loved by someone that you desired to be with. So in this lifetime, it can manifest in many ways to fulfill this yet again in this lifetime. Sometimes we do it to those around us to ruin the relationships that we are in. Sometimes, we bring in people that will not value who we are because we feel this is the way that love should be. Many times it is based off of the old believe systems created in the past life where we were forced to live without the relationship we desired. Take some time to sit with the Archangel Ariel and ask her to put healing green light into the heart chakra clearing the connections to the past life that are keeping you unhealthy in your relationships in this one. Take some time to journal what came up for you during the meditation and what you were shown as the heart chakra was clearing. Pay special attention in the days ahead to who contacts you or those that you may think of from the past in this lifetime. It is likely they are somehow connected to this past life as well and you can sit with the Archangel Ariel to see the connection and how you may heal it through love and forgiveness. Either for yourself or the other person. Once this is completed, you will be amazed at how love starts to flow once again into your life in a healthy way.

Clock Number  3:

manifest moneyYour past life card was MEDICINE MAN OR WOMAN: This card, though it seems very obvious, states that you were a medicine man or woman in a past life for your villager tribe. I am also getting a psychic hit that whoever sees this card must be aware that many of their financial limitations are attached to this lifetime. In the lifetime, you were a healer for your village and you were taken care of by the village for your services. The tribe would bring food, clothing, blankets, animals, etc and leave it in front of your home as a thank you for services rendered in your healing work. However, in this lifetime, you may be experiencing financial difficulties because you are choosing the path of a healer but it is not being valued or paid for by those you are helping. Maybe you are bringing in people that want the services that you offer, but are not willing to pay for your time or the education you have put in to be of service to help them.

We are in a day and age where people often do not value or honor holistic types of healing. Many times people feel as though if you are in the business of lightwork to be of service for others, you should offer your services for free. But of course, we are in a world where commerce must take place in order for us to survive. The day of the village, bartering, and trade are very close to over and we need money to live. You may also have a problem charging for your services and time as a healer. This card is here to remind you that those days where the village took care of you are long gone and you must now adapt to the present day system of commerce. It is okay to charge for your time and education of healing that you offer out into the world and you deserve to be compensated so that you may live a life of service without suffering limitations of poverty or lack. People do not expect a doctor or therapist to give their services for free, right? Would you go to a hairstylist and ask them to just trim your bangs because they know how to do it for free? No, of course not. Their services are valued and so yours should be as well. You have sought the education, put in the time of practice, have the talents and gifts, and deserved to make a living for the time that you spend in helping others. Take some time to sit with the Archangel Raphael and clear the connections of this past life and the belief systems that are attached to it that are keeping you caught in limiting beliefs that are detrimental to your livelihood. Archangel Raphael can help you clear this past life connection and flourish as a healer, light worker, service provider of any type in this lifetime. This will also shift your law of attraction bring in only those that will value and honor your gifts and be willing to pay for them gladly.

For this reading, I used this deck:


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