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Spiritual Affirmations and Taking Action

Spiritual Affirmations Can Help Make Your Life Better

angel card readingIt is important to note that spiritual affirmations used in the New Age means the practice of positive thinking. This means to think with the main focus being on self improvement. It is known to have tremendous power to change your life for the better. It is all about positive thinking with the right mental attitude. This will give you the power to achieve exceptional success in whatever you do. Nevertheless, in order for affirmations to work to your benefit they need not only to be in the present tense, but much more personal and very specific.

Affirmations will open new doors based on what you say or think at any given time. But this is only the first step, what you do for the follow through is actually important as well. Putting thought into action. For instance, if you feel like a victim and feel much better part of the day, then you are only setting victim trends in your life. Affirmations need to be said and lived and if you do so, then they will work for you. Do not state an affirmation and live the opposite of what you have actually stated. In this case, it will take a pretty long time for any of the stated affirmations to work for you.

It is acknowledged that all kinds of affirmations are so powerful because they reprogram our mind to think in a certain way. The positive spiritual affirmations will create the better of you, whereas the negative affirmations will simply drain your energy and in turn, give your life a negative spin. If you want to make these affirmations powerful and effective, then you ought to write them down.  Overall, this is the first step you should take in order to pave room for more positive thoughts in your mind.

How to Do Spiritual Affirmations

YSpiritual Affirmations Kindle Cover (1)ou’ve got this! It is equally important to write down the positive thoughts and affirmations. You can state your written words aloud, record them in your own voice, or ask a friend to read for you in a much louder voice. In this case, use powerful words that have great positive impact to describe your abilities. This should not only be done once, or twice, but at least 3 times every day until the very thought becomes part of you. You can also ask a trusted friend to read and state the affirmations in your favor. This is how your mood and state of mind will be changed at any given time and if combined with mindfulness meditation the results are shockingly amazing.

The best thing you can do is catch yourself if you are on a downward spiral in your thinking and then choose a positive option! Getting into the habit of writing spiritual  affirmations daily will help this become a habit and help you catch yourself, as this is what affirmations are all about. The more positive your thoughts are, the better your life becomes. The more that you do the above, the more your mind and spiritual (and in turn Law of Attraction) will start to slowly form over time and transform you life. You will not only be creating new thought vibrations with the consistency over time, but shift your habits and energy as well. Consistency and dedication to a regular affirmation practice is key for change.  Remember, this cannot happen overnight but you must train yourself in this direction.

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