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Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming – What it is and the Benefits of The Process

Lucid dreaming can easily be explained as dreaming while knowing exactly that you are in a dream. It is not of any kind of real situations, while you sleep.  Lucid in this case is often used to refer to mental clarity.  This process begins in the mind of the dreamer when he/she realizes what is being experienced is a mere dream.

The realization can be due to unimaginable circumstances in the dream like flying in the sky or anything in this range. However, there are times that the dreamer just comes to the knowledge that they are dreaming without necessarily encountering any funny or rather amazing incidences. It is important to note that the levels of lucidity can vary from one person to the other. For instance, at the higher levels of lucidity, a dreamer is able to realize that everything happening is just a dream occurring in the mental faculties. The dreamer understands that there is no danger and eventually awakens a short while after the end of the dream.

On the other hand, on low levels of lucidity you are only aware to a certain extent that you are experiencing a dream. You can sometimes be able to alter what you are doing, but not in all cases. Nevertheless, you are not able to realize that you are in bed, and people are only but dream representations.

What are the Top Benefits of Lucid Dreaminglucid dreaming

The one thing that lucid dreaming is known to do is that it helps a great deal in regard to adventure and fantasy. It is with this kind of dreaming that you traverse boundaries set by physics and society, your imagination is the only limit. The utter freedom experienced is one thing that makes lucid dreaming worth noting for anyone, and everyone.

It is important to note that lucid dreaming can also be used to counter nightmare related issues at any given time of day or night. It is a therapy to treat nightmares that has been known to work with so many people or rather patients. Additionally, this can be used for rehearsal purposes for those who want to achieve success in life. The state of the brain in the dream has been more often the same as that one in real-life activity. Hence, it can help one prepare for the foreseen success. It is also a common belief that lucid dreaming can work to help you boost your law of attraction vibration and help manifest what you desire.

It goes without saying that you can benefit from lucid dreaming, as it is a core element of creativity and solving any life problems. It is known that dreams have the unmatched creative potential and lucid dreams are no exception to this rule. In regard to healing, lucid dreams have been known to perform better because of dream imagery that can establish physical health. They have been used to overcome phobias, sexual anxieties, and other related health issues.

As stated, lucid dreaming is so powerful. If used well, it helps a great deal in regard to self realization. It is simply the ability to tap into the abilities hidden in the unused parts of the brain.
You can try to consciously choose to lucid dream before you sleep. Next time you decide to give it a try, call your angels and spirit guides in for help and to keep you safe. This added bit of reassurance will help open up your mind because you will know you are protected and safe and you give it a go!

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