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Healing Your Inner Child

Healing Your Inner Child

An overview of healing your inner child

It is important to note that healing your inner child is a process, and not a one day event that you can do as soon as you think of doing it. It takes time to master the skills needed to talk to, embrace, and finally, heal the hurting child that is in our being. It’s only through the healing of the child or children within us that we can successfully change our character, heal emotional wounds, and much more clear our very emotional process. In all cases, you will be able to clear all the terror, rage, shame, and of course, get rid of all manner of pain that seem grounded in the core elements of our being.

It is acknowledged that because we experience broken heartedness, we tend to neglect, disapprove, and even abandon the child within us. In this case, you will realize that you abandon yourself making it impossible for the healing process to take place. It’s for this reason that we need to not only accept the inner child, but nurture her so that we come to a complete healing paradigm. There are several things and steps that you need to undertake in order to achieve a “tangible” healing of your inner child.

The must-take stepsHealing the Inner Child

It’s a fact that trust is a very important element in regard to the healing process of your inner child. Basically, it is what will take the child from the depths where she’s hiding to the surface. The child must trust you before this actually happens, as the child needs support and assurance. Thereafter, there must be a validation for the shame, neglect, abandonment that took place before you grew up. As a matter of fact, this will always give you an in-depth understanding that your very parents were in themselves wounded children.

There is also the issue of shock which is always the immediate result of grief and the feelings of anger based on what was done to you. It’s okay to be somehow mad based on your actions, but this does not mean you walk around howling and throwing tantrums. Take note that the feelings of sadness and grief are only but results of unfulfilled dreams. Importantly, remorse is subject to missing persons that are deceased and it feels like we could have actually spent quality time with them. The inner child suffers from what happened to her, but not the circumstances that caused the incident to happen.

In regard to loneliness, which is the deepest feelings of toxic shame, our inner child will always think of herself as flawed. The best way out of it is acceptance and moving on, and this means we reach the light at the end of the tunnel. We cannot hide it from others as well as ourselves; we have to talk to the inner child in order for the her to heal.

Important note

If we love the inner child, we will heal faster than we imagine. The inner child is always there, not physically nor psychologically but figuratively. If we embrace this fact, then definitely the healing process is fastened.

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