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Angels Protect Us and Keep Us Safe

Angels Protect Us and Keep Us Safe

Angels protect our steps. I have always been very blessed to know throughout my entire life that I was surrounded and protected by angels thanks to my mother. You see, my mother was raised Pentecostal, as was I.  I was raised in a church environment that fully supported the belief that angels surrounded us to keep us safe and guide us through this lifetime. It is my belief that God comes first and the angels that he has created to protect us through this life are under his service to act as his messengers and protectors for the children that he loves, us.

How Angels Let Us Know They Are Near


If you’re anything like me, you have had some rough times in life, at least once or twice. I also think that we have all had experiences where we were in danger, sad, or simply in need and suddenly we have felt an overwhelming wave of knowing the fact that everything would be all right. I strongly believe that these knowing feelings are the angels letting us know that they are nearby and we can feel their protective presence as they wrap their wings around us. Now of course, I do not believe that angels actually have wings, though they probably do show themselves to us that way from time to time as it is a familiar way that we can recognize them. But, their energy that surrounds us definitely does feel as though we are being envelope in the safety of weightings when we are feeling their presence. It is the best way to describe it that I have.

EnergyAngels Protect

Many times, you will feel tingling through your body, much like if you touched a small live electrical circuit. The Angels will send a surge of energy through your physical body to let you know that they are near. It feels of warmth and excitement as though someone is standing behind you or next to you. This beautiful electrical pulse will move through you as their energetic field merges with your own personal aura. We can feel the tingling sensation of energy as it surrounds us and moves through us when the angels come in to let us know that they are close. Through prayer and meditation is very common for us to feel this energetic charge when we ask the Angels to come around and show us that they are near. I highly recommend meditating daily and asking your Angels to come in and sit with you so that you can become aware of what their energy feels like. This way it is easier to recognize when they do come in because you communicate with them daily and are familiar with their vibration.

Physical Manifestation

I have had quite a few physical manifestations of angels visiting me in my lifetime. As I have said, I lived a little bit on the wild side and have had many experiences where angels have appeared when needed to give me comfort or keep me safe and then disappeared when the event was over. I distinctly remember when I was 16 and “running away from home”, all full of childish rebellion and stubborn behavior. I was stubborn, angry and sitting on a bench in a mini mall outside of a grocery store. I had called my friend and was hoping to get a ride soon when a beautiful gentleman in a white T-shirt, cutoff denim jeans, white tube socks with red tops and sneakers came and sat down next to me. He had this beautiful golden blonde hair feathered in the middle and a big thick full golden mustache. He looked as though he had stepped out of the the 1970’s. He smiled very gently at me and said, “Everything will be okay.” Then, he smiled again softly, got up and walked out into the darkness of the mini mall around a wall.

Angels Protect I felt such overwhelming peace, security and happiness once he had left. It struck me then of all of the teachings my mother had said when I was younger that she had angels protecting me. I got up and ran around the wall to see where he had gone and he had disappeared. There was nowhere that he could’ve gone, but he was gone. I found out later that at that time my mother had been praying for me at home after our argument. I told her of what had happened and she just smiled and said, “That was definitely your guardian angel, I had asked God to send him to you.”

Since this time, I have had three other instances where it was distinctly clear that an angel had visited me in physical form. I am sure there are many more that I am not even aware of, because we are not always lucky enough to recognize that we are being supported and helped by angels in physical form. But, it is so wonderful when we do figure it out and have proof that they were there.

Supportive Beings of Love and Light

Angels protect and surround us. They are around us every day at all times. All we need to do is believe in their presence and have faith that they are close. They are here to keep us safe and protect us in our times of need. They are also present to give us comfort when we are down or having problems that feel too heavy for us to bear. They come in to remind us that we do not have to carry the load on our own, we simply need to ask for help and be willing to turn over some of the weight of the circumstances we find ourselves in. They are happy to help and love to be of service as it is an agreement that we already have in place with them before we came here to this physical realm.

Please always remember that angels are born of love because they are a direct descendant of God the Creator. The angels protect us out of a keen sense of duty. They only know love and support as they have never been to the physical realm and experienced the negativity of ego. They are pure beings of Light and Love. Call on them often and feel them respond.

Angels Protect

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