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Puppy Angel Message

Puppy angel message

Pick a Puppy & Receive a Angel Message!

Which Puppy Picture Resonates with you?

Select one and receive your angel message!

  puppyPuppy Angel Message 1:

Your puppy angel message is: “Dearest loved one, you ask often for harmony and peace, but you must also realize that this may only come when you learn to accept those around you as they are. By accepting others for who they truly are and releasing expectation of what you expect them to be, you allow yourself to be free of judgment, fear, or anger. In turn, you then open the door to your heart and allow harmony and peace to reside there.” – The Angels


Puppy Angel Message 2:Puppy

Your puppy angel message is: “Beloved one, please pay special attention to your dreams in the next week. By simply asking for my help, I may guide and teach you through what it is you would like to heal or learn as you sleep. As we journey through the land of your subconscious, I will show you what needs more love and help you release that which no longer serves you through the gentle waves of slumber.  This will ease the process.  As we do this, you will find yourself waking up feeling renewed and energized with the knowledge of your heart.” – Archangel Raziel


puppyPuppy Angel Message 3:

Your puppy angel message is:  “Know that we hold our duty of keeping you safe very close to our hearts.  We take great pride that you have left this duty in our hands as you have come to this place to learn the greater knowledge and to live out the physical experience you now find yourself in.  Know that as a whole, all of you have chosen to live your part, as do we in helping and protecting you within that plan that you have laid out.  It is a privilege to be of service to you and those you love. Our hearts overflow with the gratitude & emotion of it all. Know we are always with you.” – The Angels



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