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crystal angel messageCrystal Angel Message 1:

Your crystal angel message is: To live with Divine Grace is a choice.  It is love-filled to do so.  To choose to live with Divine Grace means that you accept some things which seem unacceptable and to forgive with love those who seem unforgivable. This does not mean that you keep people in your life that have hurt you, but rather that you have decided it is necessary to forgive and accept them (or yourself) in order to have peace within your soul.  Choosing forgiveness and acceptance is the answer. Make the shift in thinking and experience Divine Grace.

Crystal Angel Message 2:crystal angel message

Your crystal angel message is: “Simplicity is one of the major keys to happiness.  It is time to stop and take an honest view of not only your life, but the actions you choose to take in it.  See where you can simplify.  Ask for my help, so that you may once again regain true direction.  Many times the mind will clutter your space, mind, or body to deflect from its true purpose.  Overtime, the mind gives itself an illusion that this is the way to stay “safe” However; your soul knows that it is not that hard and simplicity is the key.  Simplify things with my help and experience true enlightenment.” – Archangel Uriel

crystal angel messageCrystal Angel Message 3:

Your crystal angel message is: “Believe and trust that the question you worry on is already resolved.  Many times you know the answer, but do not want to face the action that will need taken once it is made.  It is simply a matter of making a decision in your mind and in your heart.  Once this is done, the fear and anxiety goes away as you are then able to move forward.  The unknown is what brings your fear.  Why do that to yourself any longer? Ask and I will carry you through it all with love and strength.” – Archangel Michael

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