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Pick a Butterfly & Receive a Angel Message!

butterfly angel message

Pick a Butterfly & Receive a Angel Message!

Which Butterfly Picture Resonates with you?

Select an Angel and receive your angel message!

butterfly angel messageButterfly Angel Message 1:

Your butterfly angel message is: Beloved, please know that sometimes adjustments to the plan are needed.  There is great freedom in releasing and allowing to the Divine Creator.  Be open to the clues and changes that we send your way occasionally.  Once done, the Divine Path will come clear as you trust that we always have the highest good of all in mind when we help with what it is that you have requested.


Butterfly Angel Message 2:butterfly angel message

Your butterfly angel message is: You must release fear so that your heart will have room to accept what it is you dream into your life.  Fear repels like placing magnet opposites together.  It pushes away your goals.  Flip the magnets over and they grab fast to one another, much like how love pulls all that you desire to you.  Release the fear, attract with love.


butterfly angel messageButterfly Angel Message 3:

Your butterfly angel message is:: There are many versions of truth in everything.  But the one constant, absolute truth is that God is perfect and will never let you down.  Just ask and we, the Angels, will deliver those worries to the altar of God for you.  Turn all of your cares and worries over to us.  We will lay them down to be released and cleared instantly with love.  If you are ever worried about the truth in a situation, ask us to do this and it will be sorted out in Divine Order for the highest good of all involved.


Try This Meditation to Help:

archangel sandalphon   raphael


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