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Angels Can Help Bring You Love

Angels Can Help You Find Love!

loveSo many of us are looking for love in our lives without realizing that it is always present if we simply clear the blocks to see it or pull it in. Many times, the hurting energy of the past that we have received from others has our energy blocked from receiving (or seeing) it. As we move through our daily lives, our chakras get clouded with the negative energy of fear and disappointments as we live our lives interacting with others, especially the heart chakra.

We are surrounded by love in many forms if we simply choose to see it. But, that is very difficult when our heart is so heavy. In this short and simple meditation below, we ask the angels to surround you with their light and pour God’s love through you, clearing away those blocks and reminding you that you yourself are amazing! Love is always with you if you will simply remember to access it. Also, by cleansing your chakras it allows you to radiate this energy, the law of attraction dictates that the love of the universe must come back to you. If you are vibrating at the high frequency of love,  you will receive in return, having it pulled back towards you from the universe. So, please take just a few moments to do this meditation and cleanse your chakras, aura, and heart.

Then, as you move through the next few days, make sure to drink a lot of water  and pay close attention to anything that comes up for you that you may be holding onto. These blocks are what have been holding you back from receiving the love that you desire. This is a meditation that will definitely knock loose some blocks and bring up some things from the past, so pay attention! Maybe journal out what comes up for you in your dreams or people from the past that may reach out to you after doing this meditation. Then pay close attention as you’ll start to notice that the universe is bringing those of a loving heart your way and give thanks! The Angels help facilitate all of this for you.

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