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Releasing Resentment Guided Meditation with Theta Healing

Releasing Resentment Guided Meditation with Theta Healing

Buy this Meditation - Releasing Resentment Guided Meditation

Buy this Meditation – Releasing Resentment Guided Meditation

Resentment can hold you prisoner! One of the most common things that I hear from my clients and those that listen to my meditations is that they are holding resentment against someone in the past or present situation that occurred to them affecting them and their thought processes as they move forward in life. Resentment can be something that eats away at the soul if we are unable to release it and forgive. In this meditation, I have created a guided walk through to help release resentment with the help of theta healing. I am an advanced level theta healing practitioner and use it often for myself and my clients. Please make sure to take time as you watch this video without distractions to lay back, close your eyes, and listen to each statement of a limiting belief that comes up and helps you release the blocks that are holding you back or the resentments that you have been clinging onto like a bad penny. This exercise, if you follow it all the way through, can be life changing and such a release, giving you the freedom that you desire to walk through life lighter and happier. It is also something that I suggest with a meditation like this, to download it so that you may take it with you whenever needed as situations arise that trigger you emotionally. We are not meant to be in this world to walk around angry, confused, or resenting. This is what can poison the soul if not released. So good for you, being here and willing to let it go! I hope you find it a gift and a blessing as you move forward in life.

Releasing Resentment Meditation with Theta Healing Video


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