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How to Read Your Angel Cards and Get an Accurate Reading

How to Read Your Angel Cards Oracle

Buy your angel cards at Amazon

Buy your angel cards at Amazon

So, you have decided that you want to use angel cards as a way to enhance your intuition and point you in the right direction when you need a reading or you need to give a reading to someone else. Below are some steps that I have created in order to hopefully, help guide you along the way through simple and easy process of reading Angel cards.

1. Choose the Right Angel Card Deck for You

Buy Your Angel Card Decks on Amazon

Buy Your Angel Card Decks on Amazon

If you have found your way to this website, then very likely you are new to the whole experience of reading angel cards and either just purchased your first deck or have been thinking about it. Of course, there are many wonderful resources and angel card decks out there. You should always buy one that you’re drawn to because it is likely the one that will work best for you at the time you get started. It is also very likely that the angels drew you to this site as well as many other resources such as YouTube, books, etc. I am an Aries myself so I love research and digging into all of the facts before I get started. But I also have an Aquarian moon sign, so I also love to just go with it and be intuitive with whatever tool I am using to divine my intuition.

There are many resources where you may purchase your deck, but I do have some suggested that I personally use on the sidebar of the blog that will send you to my Amazon store. I have a angel meditationscategory just for angel oracle cards that you may enjoy perusing. The number one resource of angel card decks and the ones that I also use often, are by author Doreen Virtue. She has been a wonderful resource over the years and created many angel card decks that are unique and beautifully crafted. There are also many other wonderful intuitive’s out there that have also created beautiful angel card decks that are easy to use as well, that is why Amazon is such a wonderful site because often it allows you to see them before you purchase. I also highly recommend going to your local metaphysical store, because very often those stores will have a sample deck open so that you may look through the cards and see if you like them before you purchase them. Of course, always ask your angels to direct you to the right place before purchasing and they will help you with the process of finding the perfect deck. Buying decks can be a bit addictive, as most of us in the field know, sometimes we lose our feeling with one deck and desire to change it up a bit and buy another. This is perfectly fine and you’ll often find that you go back and forth between decks depending on who you’re reading for or how you’re feeling the energy that day.

2. Cleanse the Angel Card Deck

The Sage Spray I use!

The Sage Spray I use!

It is very important to cleanse the angel card deck before any reading and directly after. There are many ways to cleanse it and you may see them here in the other article I wrote on “How to Cleanse Your Angel Cards“. All objects hold energy and to cleanse your angel cards means that you are clearing out any old energy that has been held in that angel card back from either previous readings, other people that have held the cards, or simply refreshing the energy that the deck is holding from sitting for a long time. It does not mean that there is bad energy in the Angel card deck it simply means that the energy that being held in the deck is from another source and you need to cleanse it so that you will give an accurate reading. It helps the cards give an accurate reading by tuning into the current energy of the reading environment.


3. Shuffle the Angel Cards

shuffle angel cardsAngel cards are a tool that you use to communicate with the angels that are around you. Just like a playing card deck, in order to pull cards that are randomly unique to the reading at hand, you need to shuffle them or mix them up completely while setting an intention for the person that you are reading for. If there is something specific that you would like to know from the cards, think of that question or situation while shuffling. If it is a general reading then simply think “Angels, please let me know what I need to relay for the highest good at this time.” and they will mix the cards up for the highest good.

4. Pick a Layout for the Angel Card Reading

Once you have shuffled that angel card deck, you need to pick a layout that will work in an

efficient way for your angels to give you an answer that you seek. Depending on the question or the situation, there are many different ways to lay out your angel card readings in spread. As I have been doing this for a very long time and for thousands of readings, I often lay out cards just randomly pulling one at a time until I feel as though the question has been sufficiently answered.

There are also great traditional way that you may enjoy, just as you would with tarot cards lay them out in a Celtic Cross spread. This is a wonderful way to give someone the full picture of the situation and how it’s going to play out. Though, I highly suggest that you always let whoever it is that you’re reading for or you yourself understand that the future is being represented as the current situation as it moves forward. People have the beautiful gift of free will and may always use this snapshot of the future to change the situation if they choose.


angel card layout


I also enjoy the format of pulling angel cards in the spread of present moment, the action they need to currently take as suggested by their angels, and the likely future outcome. This is a very helpful, quick reading if you have a specific question or situation you would like to ask assistance on from your angels.

angel card layout 2


5. Read the Angel Cards

psychic Now here we get down to the most exciting and fun part of the reason we got started with angel cards in the first place. Angel cards very often have artwork, a title for the card, and a description of what the card represents on it’s face. I know that when you first start to use a deck, most people like to pull the book out and read what the meaning of the card is. This is a really wonderful way to get familiar with your new deck, but I highly suggest that you do not become too dependent on the book or the descriptions of the cards as you use them. Cards are to be used as a very intuitive tool. When you lay a card down, you should look at the picture and see what it represents and what it feels like or what you notice within the picture itself. You should then, if the card has a description on the bottom, read it briefly and see how it sits within you and what it means to you personally. Sometimes only the title of the card will grab your attention and that is okay as well, simply ask the angels to clarify what it means.

Many times, I pull a card and what the angels tell me from the card do not seem to match up with the card itself until I let my over-controlling thoughts to analyze it and allow myself to see the connection of what it is that I need to know in that moment and how the card is representing it. I often tell people to go with the first thought or feeling, not the second or third. Many times we skip over the first thought when we lay a card down and lose the meaning by trying to over think the answer. Angels are loving beings that work through our heart chakra. This means we need to take a deep breath, drop into the heart and open the heart chakra on an exhale to allow their messages to seep in and flow through us. We then relay the visions, feelings, or thoughts that come to mind as we breathe them in and let them flow through us. This is where many people get confused because they are trying so hard to “figure it out”.

If you are pulling for yourself an angel card each day, I highly suggest buying a journal and making a note on each entry with the date and time of what you have received as a message or feeling from the card that you have pulled. Then at the end of each week, go back and review your journal and see if you have had manifestations of the reading messages. Always leave space below the entry of what you have written so that you may verify anything that the angels have sent your way to confirm that it was a true message and they are beside you helping you through the angel cards. Many times as we go along through our lives, we doubt ourselves and our connections to the angels. Having a journal like this is so beneficial to review during those times and remember that we are never alone and always supported.

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