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How to Cleanse Your Angel Card Oracle Deck

How and why to cleanse your angel cards for your angel card readings

Buy your angel cards at Amazon

Buy your angel cards at Amazon

Whether you are reading for yourself or someone else, one of the very first most important steps to take before you do an angel card reading for somebody, is to cleanse the deck of any old energy that may be hanging on from others that have touched it or that you have used it for previous readings for. The reason that we cleanse the deck before starting is that the old energy may influence the reading incorrectly. If you have used a deck of angel cards to give yourself by reading, the energy from the previous reading may be clinging to the back influence saying the answers that you currently seek incorrectly. If you’re giving a reading for somebody else, you’ll want to definitely make sure to cleanse the angel cards because they may be holding onto energy from the last person that you read for and giving it a false read. I like to cleanse my decks both before and after a reading just to cover my bases.

Below I have listed simple ways to cleanse your angel card deck before you get started reading for either yourself or someone else.

Way to Easily Cleanse Your Angel Cards


sage cleansing spray

Sage is a very common plant used for cleansing and sold everywhere both online and locally, many times in smudging kits with a pot underneath to catch the ash that follows while burning. The higher vibration of this plants smoke cleansing the energy and rises the vibration of the deck. Many like to buy a bound sage sticks, however, I personally like to avoid the smoke as I have allergies to grass, so I have a misting bottle of distilled water that I like to drop a couple of drops of sage oil into and spray the deck before and after each angel card reading. But, that is my my personal preference.

Archangel Michael

We love Archangel Michael! It is very simple to wrap your hands around the angel card deck before the reading and take a deep breath in and as you drop your attention and energy down into the heart chakra, opening it as you do, ask the Archangel Michael to put white light through the deck, cleansing any energy that may be clinging to the angel cards. Remember to say thanks when done!

Knocking on the Angel cards with your hand

This may seem very simple, but it actually works very well and quickly. Take the angel cards into your non-dominant hand, usually the left hand for most, and then take your dominant hand, making a fist and knock your knuckles a couple of times on the top of the deck. This will break up and release any energy out of it that may be remaining there from past angel card readings. I also like to wave my hands over the deck once I complete this to shoo away any energy that may be surrounding the deck after I have broken it up.

Ring a Bell or Snap your Fingers

Buy a bell on Amazon

Buy a bell on Amazon

Many like to bring a bell or snap their fingers around an angel card deck before using it simply for ceremony purposes but it actually does work. Using sound waves to break up the energy surrounding the deck will cleanse it and transmute the energy into a higher vibration.


Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field

Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field

If you have been certified and attuned to any level of reiki, you may take the card deck within your hand, pull the reiki symbol down into the angel cards and then place your other hand on top. Sitting for the amount of time needed to change and cleanse the energy, which if you are trained in reiki, you will feel the energy shift and know when the deck has been cleansed. I highly recommend that if you are a reiki practitioner, that you often run reiki energy through your angel card decks, even if you are not going to use them any time soon. It charges them with the loving Universal energy.  If you are int eh Los Angeles area and looking to take a reiki class, I can highly recommend one of my master teacher, Patricia Asheme Bankins.



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