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About the Angels

The Archangels

The names of all the Archangels end in the suffix “el”, which means “in God.” Archangels are the leaders or “supervisors” of the Angelic Realm. They angels walk beside youare, like all other angels, beings of pure love and have no judgment on what we do or say.

The 15 main Archangels each have a specialty. However, I personally am a big believer that you do not have to know exactly which Archangel handles what and they are more than happy to help with all of our needs. But it is good know their main domain expertise. The Archangels have a team of angels that they can “get on it” for us when we really need that extra help with something.

Also remember that Archangels can be anywhere simultaneously at all times. So never feel like your issue is too small to call on them for help with. They love to help. But you have to ASK. Free will again. So get in the habit of asking for everything you would like help with from a parking space to that big job promotion.

Also, all angels are gender free, but sometimes they will come forward with a masculine or feminine energy. There is no right or wrong in calling them he or she. They will not care and understand that we tend to think in gender roles when we think of beings.

angel flyingGuardian Angels & Angels

We always have at least two “guardian” angels with us always for comfort and protection. Some people have more if they or someone else has asked to have more Angels by their side at all times.

However, due to the free will of man, Angels may only help or interfere in life and death situations. Therefore, it is so important to ask for our Angels to help us with any matter. It does not matter if it is for something as small as getting a parking space close to the door or something larger that we may need help with and guidance. Our Angels just love us and they are always there for us and as beings of light and love. They never feel put upon or frustrated by anything we may need from them.

Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides are much different from angels. They have lived a life of their own at one point and have agreed to come be by our side spiritually to help guide us through our lifetime. They are typically deceased friends or relatives that have passed away before we are born and function as a guide while we are here. They nudge and direct us to the materials, people, or events that we can learn from.

Listed below are just a few of the amazing Archangels that work with us daily to help guide us through our lives and protect us as we move along our life path. I add to this list often as I work with the angels and they make themselves know, so make sure to bookmark the page and return soon. ~ Lisa


The Archangels at a Glance

Archangel Name: Ariel
Meaning of Name: Lioness of God
Specialty: New Endeavors, Helps Healers, Animals, & Environmental Work
Energy Color: Pale Pink
Stone: Rose Quartz
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Archangel Name: Aushrael
Specialty: Assists with enlightenment and awakening
Energy Color: Blue Green
Stone: Labradorite

Archangel Name: Azrael
Meaning of Name: Whom God Helps
Specialty: Support for the Grieving and Dying – Helps the Dying Cross Over to the Other Side
Energy Color: Beige
Stone: Yellow Calcite
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Archangel Name: Barachiel
Meaning of Name: God’s blessings
Specialty: Known as the angel of blessings, laying our requests before God when we ask.
Energy Color: Green
Stone: Green Calcite

Archangel Name: Chamuel
Meaning of Name: He who sees God
Specialty: Helps find your Career, Life Path & Lost Objects
Color: Pale Green
Stone: Green Fluorite
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Archangel Name: Gabriel
Meaning of Name: Messenger of God
Specialty: Helps Writers & Journalists also helps with conception, childbirth, adoption and parenting
Color: Dark Yellow
Stone: Citrine
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Archangel Name: Haniel
Meaning of Name: Glory of God
Specialty: Helps with moon and feminine cycles, Uncovers Hidden Talents
Color: Pale, Almost White
Stone: Moonstone
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Archangel Name: Jeremiel
Meaning of Name: Mercy of God
Specialty: Helps with Life Review and Positive Change
Color: Reddish Purple
Stone: Amethyst
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Archangel Name: Jophiel
Meaning of Name: Beauty of God
Specialty: Helps to beautify your thoughts and space
Color: Bright Fuchsia
Stone: Pink Tourmaline
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Archangel Name: Metatron
Meaning of Name: Prophet Enoch
Specialty: Childhood issues and Learning Disabilities – Helps with Indigo and Crystal Children
Color: Green with Dark Pink
Stone: Watermelon Tourmaline
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Archangel Name: Michael
Meaning of Name: He who is like God
Specialty: Gives us strength, courage and protection
Color: Bright Purple & Cobalt Blue
Stone: Sugilite
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Archangel Name: Nathaniel
Meaning of Name: Gift of God
Specialty: Helps us find our life path and clears our way to guide us to our goals
Color: Red
Stone: Garnet
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Archangel Name: Raguel
Meaning of Name: Friend of God
Specialty: Raguel helps with relationship issues and to smooth over misunderstandings. He is the overseer of all angels.
Color: Aqua
Stone: Aquamarine
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Archangel Name: Raphael
Meaning of Name: He who heals
Specialty: Helps with mental and physical healing. Helps us overcome addictions, as well as Patron of Travelers
Color: Bright Emerald
Stone: Green Malachite
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Archangel Name: Raziel
Meaning of Name: Secrets of God
Specialty: Heals spiritual and psychic blocks as well as helps with clairvoyance and spiritual understanding.
Color: Rainbow
Stone: Clear Quartz
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Archangel Name: Sandalphon
Meaning of Name: Prophet Elijah
Specialty: Brings Gentleness into your Life
Color: Turquoise
Stone: Turquoise
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Archangel Name: Uriel
Meaning of Name: God is Light
Specialty: The Angel of Wisdom
Color: Pale Yellow
Stone: Amber
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Archangel Name: Zadkiel
Meaning of Name: Righteousness of God
Specialty: Helps improve Memory & Mental Functions
Color: Dark Blue
Stone: Lapis Lazuli
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