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Know Your Angels – Archangel Michael

Get to know a bit more about the Archangel Michael

Archangel Name: Michael
Meaning of Name: He who is like God
Specialty: Gives us strength, courage and protection
Color: Bright Purple & Cobalt Blue
Stone: Sugilite
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archangel michaelThe Archangel Michael has long beenĀ  one of the first archangels known to man. He is often referenced in many religious chronicles of any denomination and is one of the most established archangels throughout history. He is often known to be the Archangel of battle and courage, helping us feel safe and secure in situations where we may need to overcome fear. Many times we can call on the Archangel Michael and he will show up to help give us the courage that we need to face daunting new situations. If you are ever in a situation of confrontation or danger, make sure call the Archangel Michael to your side and he will be there in a flash to help assist and protect you!

Here is a quick video that I have put together to help you learn a little bit more about the Archangel Michael and how to work with him in your everyday life.


Know Your Angels – Archangel Michael Video Tutorial


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