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Archangel Ariel Guided Meditation

How Archangel Ariel can help bless your life

imagesArchangel Name: Ariel
Meaning of Name: Lioness of God
Specialty: New Endeavors, Helps Healers, Animals, & Environmental Work
Energy Color: Pale Pink
Stone: Rose Quartz

arielArchangel Ariel is a beautiful  energetic presence to work with the heart chakra, those that we love, and the animals in our lives. Also, she helps to take on new endeavors very gently with love filled purpose. This is why she is such a wonderful angel to work with for healers. Those that like to work with energy healing will call in the Archangel Ariel when client they’re working on has blocks within the heart chakra. She brings a beautiful unconditional love of mothering, nurturing energy situations. If there is a conflict that needs resolution or maybe a fight or communication issue, call on the Archangel Ariel to come in and soothes the energy of the situation with her beautiful pink light of unconditional love. She will easily step into the conflict or situation and bring peace and love through the hearts of all that are involved. She can also help everybody see the highest perspective of the situation and another viewpoint from a loving way if needed.

Many times I like to work with Archangel Ariel and the Mother Mary to help resolve any conflict situations that require unconditional love in order to heal. Archangel Ariel is also perfect relation that involves animals as she is the ethereal angel that helps all of the animals on the planet. Many times, I will ask the Archangel Ariel to go into animal shelters to settle the fear of the animals that are being kept there. I also asked her to help find the perfect homes for the animals that are in captivity and needing a new home or to the owners of the lost pets find them quickly with ease and grace.  This is save the lives of many animals, simply by asking the Archangel Ariel to help assist those beautiful creatures in need.

When you need to take on a new endeavor, the Archangel Ariel is also highly effective because many times we are fearful of moving forward into new grand before taking on any new adventure, ask the Archangel Ariel to help identify and release any fear that you may have to proceed. Then, you lovingly acknowledge any fears that you may have in moving forward and clear any limiting beliefs or blocks that may be present. She brings a beautiful energy of unconditional love for ourselves and others in all situations and should be called upon often for help.

Here is my guided meditation to help bring the Archangel Ariel into your life and infuse it with the BRILLIANT love of the Universe and Divine Creator, please enjoy!


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