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Receive an Angel Message!!!

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angel wingsAngel Message 1:

Your angel message is: Drink your water, eat healthy, and make sure to keep the mind clear so that you can be very focused on how you’re moving forward. Today is the day that we want to make sure that we are clear on what we want and how we would like it to happen so that our spiritual teams may help us along the way to obtain it. We are amazing, awesome manifestors! So let’s make sure that we are clear about what we want before we put it out there, okay?

Angel Message 2:

Your angel message is:┬áMany times we may feel as though we are out of alignment with their soul’s purpose. This card is being pulled today so that we may be aware that no matter how out of alignment we may feel sometimes, the Universe and our Spiritual Team are always gently nudging us back on path. So if you are feeling as though you may be off track slightly, take some time today to sit with Spirit and gently feel the energetic stream of the Universe pull you back into the right direction.

Angel Message 3:

Abundance Meditation

Abundance Meditation

Your angel message is: Now is the time to focus. We understand that often you are distracted by the things that draw your attention away from what needs immediate fixing. You must choose the priorities of what is important to you and those that you support throughout this lifetime and eliminate all distractions as you move forward for the highest good for you and all of those in your soul group that you have chosen to be with at this time in your life. The Universal energy is coming into a time of great advancement and you are a key player. We know that you do not take this lightly, and trust that you will give it all of the focus that it needs for the highest good. We are next to your side, supporting you along the way and taking care of you and yours.


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