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Pick a Ring, Receive and Angel Message!

Pick a ring, receive a new message from the Angels!

Which ring resonates with you?
Select a card number and receive your message!


message from the angelsAngel Message 1:

Your angel message is: Stopping so serious, remember those days when you used to be so much fun in the life of the party? You have been letting the stresses of others and situations that are beyond your control to drain your energy and you are feeling its effects now both physically, mentally, and in your spirit. Take some time to have some fun today and lighten your energy as you move through the beauty of God’s creations that’s surround you.

Angel Message 2:

Your angel message is:  “What a wonderful time of learning, Beloved!!  You are open to all of the knowledge of the Universe if you will simply allow yourself to receive and process it.  We ask that you sit with us daily this week for just a few short moments and breath as we course the secrets of the Universe through your heart and veins!  We are excited to share the knowledge of the Creator and so happy to be the conduit of all the joy it brings.  So please, plug in now to the direct connection that we provide!  We are always on and there for you!!!”~ The Angel

Angel Message 3:gabriel

Your angel message is: Pay close attention to the signs that the Angels in the universe are handing you today. Whether there the angel feathers in your path, a beautiful song that is very poignant to your current situation on the radio, or you receive a call from an old friend reminding you of what once was and giving you a great piece of advice. There are many ways that the angels can give you assigned to help guide you in the right direction if you simply open your eyes and heart to pay attention. The signs are coming your way today so just keep an eye out and follow them!







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