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Reincarnation Quiz – Who was I in a past life?

Reincarnation Quiz- Do you often wonder who was I in a past life?

Many of us believed in reincarnation, which is the belief that our soul lives many times in different physical bodies. We have all lived many past lives before this one and the memories live within your soul. Many times they can affect situations or life lessons that we are moving through in this current lifetime. For just a glimpse into one of them for some insight or possibly answers to situations in this current life, pick a number below and then scroll down to find the number that you selected to see who you were in one of your past lives.

Reincarnation and past life

Reincarnation of a Past life Card Option 1

If you have selected this past life reincarnation card, you were very used to living in a village where community was everything, each person dependent on one another. Either it was a monastery type dwelling or you had your tribe surrounding you, but you felt very supported and never alone. Everything that you needed on earth was taken care of by those in the village, just as you had your responsibilities as well to take care of them. This gave you the feeling of community that you may be missing now in this current lifetime. You may have issues with money, shelter, or feeling unsupported because you do not have a trusted community surrounding you to lean upon when you need help or support. In order to remedy this situation, you will want to sit with Spirit and meditate with the affirmation, “I am supported and surrounded by those that love me.”

Past life Reading

Reincarnation of a Past life Card Option 2

If you have selected this past life reincarnation card, then you have a lifetime coming through where you spent most of your time in nature

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and surrounded by the beauty of the Earth healing properties. The earth itself is very sacred and more than likely you had religious beliefs of being either Druid or some other Earth-based worship religion, honoring its power. Somehow being connected to the earth was very important to you and nowadays in this lifetime, if you find yourself outside of nature and in a more urban environment, you feel completely out of your element and as though you must flee! Crowds very likely make you uncomfortable and traffic probably drives you nuts! Do your best to spend more time in nature for the healing energy of the earth and find inner peace. If you cannot and must be in an urban environment, make sure to listen to nature sounds often. A babbling brook, the sounds of the waves of the ocean, or the lulling sounds of the forest. This will help bring you to center.

Reincarnation of a Past life Card Option 3

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If you have selected this past life reincarnation card,  then you experienced a painful experience of unrequited love in a prior lifetime. The person that you are in love with did not share your feelings. This person very likely took advantage of how you felt about them and benefited or used you to satisfy their own desires. In this lifetime, it may have brought about feelings of mistrust in romantic relationships for no reason that you can put your finger on. You may experience jealousy when it is unwarranted, even anger or feelings of resentment when there has been no proof of misconduct by the other person.  The bad thing about this type of neediness that comes up from this type of past life connection is that it can ruin your current life relationships. Taking time to acknowledge that this past life connection is truly over and not connected to this lifetime, will help heal any current relationships or ill feelings towards loved ones.






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