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Pick a spirit animal totem message

Which animal photo is resonates with your right now?

Pick a number below and then scroll down to find the number that you selected to see which you need to know right at this moment from a spirit totem animal message.

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Spirit Animal Totem Message Number 1 – Swan

The spirit animal totem animal of the swan has called to you to let you know that it is time to take a break and appreciate the beauty all around you, as well as, the special beauty that you hold inside. You have been doing such wonderful spiritual growth that you have blossomed from an ugly duckling, leaving the dark nights of the soul behind and into the beautiful swan spiritually! Now you may take some time to soak in the beautiful light of Divine healing that you have embraced and allow the grace that comes with it to fulfill you as you connect into Spirit with genuine clarity and ease.

Spirit Animal Totem Message Number 2 – Racoon

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The spirit animal totem animal of the raccoon is a very resourceful creature and has called on you to let you know that you already have all the resources that you need right this moment to complete the task at hand. There is no need to look around for more, everything you need is right in front of you or you have already gathered the information that you need to complete what you have been asking for help with. If you are not sure where or what those resources are, make sure to check in with your spiritual team and ask them to give you further clarity. Many times we simply need to know that we can stop looking and be happy with what we have to continue on and take the next step needed.

Spirit Animal Totem Message Number 3 – Deer

The spirit animal totem of the deer has arrived to tell you that it is okay to trust your instincts to guide you through the situation that you are currently moving through. Your Divine intuition is keen as you take a moment to stop and check in to your higher self for the answers that you’ve been seeking. If you will simply survey the current surroundings and situation to tune in to the vibration that surrounds you, you will be able to move forward with faith and trust in your own instincts and not need to seek out the help of others.

Spirit Animal Totem Message Number 4 – Dog

The spirit animal totem animal of the dog has come in to let you know that you are surrounded by trustworthy and loyal people. have you been fearful to trust again? The dog is here to let you know that it is time to release the past ill feelings of those that have done you wrong and forgive. The only way that you can move forward is to have faith and trust that Spirit and your Higher Self will guide you to the situations and people that you wish to have in your life at this time. Like attracts like and you have honestly been doing so much wonderful work that the Law of Attraction has been bringing new people into your life and new situations that are now currently vibrating air higher energy. So trust that.






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