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Get some Help with Finding Your Life Purpose

Get some Help with Finding Your Life Purpose!

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Life Purpose  Message Number 1

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A big part of your life purpose is to work with nature and flowers. You may be drawn to essential oils, flowers, or the healing properties of herbs and plants. You likely find that you are very much at peace in the healing environment of nature and it calls to you often. If it has always been a desire or dream of yours to work with the essential properties of plants, then work with the Archangel Uriel and ask him to help you find the resources that you need to carry forth with your purpose in life down this road of healing! Work with the Archangel Raphael and he will help you learn and utilize the healing properties that you seek with the plants.

Life Purpose Message Number 2

You’ve been placed on this earth with the life purpose of holding strong for others. Activism and helping for underdog has become your passion and you often see that justice has to be served even if the situation has nothing to do with you. You always see the right and wrong of the situation and try to make it fair. Everything that you have experienced in this lifetime has made you stronger and able to gain the knowledge to assist those that need help. This is not always an easy path, but it can be a very fulfilling one as long as you find the balance of what you can do for others or what you simply need to delegate or turnover when the situation dictates for somebody else to come in and help. We cannot always take on everybody else’s problems as our own, but we can lovingly assist and guide people down the right path whenever possible. Ask the Archangel Michael to help give you strength, as well as, help others along the way to bring the feeling of fulfillment for your life purpose.

Life Purpose Message Number 3

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Life Purpose – You are here to be a spiritual teacher and to help others through knowledge and learning. You’re very likely driven to create classes, workshops, or written materials that will assist others in their spiritual growth. You yourself have gone through many years of healing and learning situations of your own and now you are ready to pass on that knowledge to others to hopefully ease their path along the way by sharing what you have learned so that they themselves do not have to journey down the long, hard road that you’ve traveled.  You may have chosen to become a traditional teacher through school system work and this is just as rewarding and fulfilling as you are molding the youth of today into the enlightened beings of tomorrow, just simply in a more traditional sense. However, if you have decided to teach in this lifetime, it is definitely your calling!

Life Purpose Message Number 4

Life Purpose – you are an artist and a creative being. This is how you bless the world, by using all of your creative gifts! Whether it’s through art, writing, or music. Your soul loves to be expressed through creativity! You are definitely here to beautify the world and make people think through your art. This is very often difficult to make a living at and, maybe,  you often get stuffed into traditional jobs that can wither that creativity. If you are in a situation that seems a little disheartening and unfulfilled, make sure to find time each day to somehow express your creativity and get realigned with your life purpose.  If you are being creative and not sharing it with the world, then make sure you do so as soon as possible. Your creativity is your healing gift and it must be expressed and shared! Ask the Archangel Gabriel to help you with any creative processes that you attempt.

Life Purpose Message Number 5

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Life Purpose – You have the amazing gift of helping people find their heart’s desire and true purpose in this world. Whether it’s through therapy, giving intuitive readings, or life coaching, you have the special gift to help people navigate their lives and find their own true purpose in this world. You seem to have a knack for putting people in connection with what they need at the time they need it to move forward in life. It is very likely that you find yourself in places or situations where you’re talking to strangers and have the perfect bit of information that they need at that time. Whether it’s something as simple as buying a house or helping them find a new psychic development group or yoga studio, you always seem to be in the right place at the right time to help others find their way. I would work with the Archangel Chamuel as you move forward and help people find their purpose in life. It is a wonderful thing to be the bridge for Spirit and you should honor and cherish the responsibility.




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