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Amethyst Meaning

The Amethyst Meaning and how it relates to healing and spirituality

Amethyst Meaning

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Birthstone: February
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Colors: Light pink to dark purple
Chakras: Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra

The amethyst is thought to be originally used in ancient Egypt by royalty as a symbol of their power and connection to the Divine, helping them with their process of symbolizing God in human form on earth.  The amethyst meaning over time has changed and adapted, but its main theme has been that the high vibration frequency given off by the stone allows us as humans to connect with the Divine through its physical properties. It is a very powerful stone because, with this connection, the amethyst is also known to bring in contentment and calmness as it connects us to the love of the Divine Creator of all that is.

The amethyst is a beautiful gemstone that varies in the color of light pinkish purple to very dark purple. Each country from all over the world produces its own form of amethyst, but the most commonly known amethyst gemstone is from Brazil and this is where it is most frequently sold from. The deeper and darker color of an amethyst stone helps its vibrational frequency rise higher the darker it gets. It is a wonderful meditation stone that we often use for our Third Eye Chakra or Crown Chakra. The Third Eye Chakra is where we receive our spiritual seeing vision through known as clairvoyance. It allows us to visualize through our spiritual higher self a clairvoyant  vision or even the future or past lives. A high vibration amethyst stone will allow you to hone in with clarity and help you focus your true intentions for the meditation. You may use it on the Crown chakra in meditation to help you connect in with the Creator or your higher self.

The amethyst dates back thousands of years, being used by those of royalty, for its rich purple color, as well as being associated with the ascended master St. Germain, the Violet Flame, and also the Archangel Zadkiel through various stories passed down over time. It has been known to help men with their intelligence, clarity, and focus to make the best decisions in situations. Many holy men over the years and throughout many countries often hold the amethyst meaning to be that it helps them gain insight or control over their enemies through their wit and cunning.

Meditation to work with your Amethyst stone

Meditation to work with your Amethyst stone

The amethyst is also a wonderful clearing stone for this exact same reason. It allows you to have the true vision of your situation so that you may see clearly what needs to be done, as well as, balance any negative karma through the Divine love of the Creator.  It helps us see all of the levels of the situation for everyone involved. Amethyst is also very often used in alchemy as it has beautiful qualities of transmuting energies.

If you are in need to invoke the Violet Flame for cleansing or transmutation of energy, I highly recommend using the amethyst during your meditation or any process that you personally use. It heightens the energy with the smoothness that cannot be rivaled by any other stone and allows you to focus clearly as you move ahead towards a new path with clean energy.

The amethyst is also a wonderful divination tool when used as a pendulum, as rune stones or any other divination tool. The clarity and high vibration of a stone allows you to channel through the visions with clarity. When practicing divinity with amethyst stone, I highly recommend calling in the Archangel Raziel first to help you define the meaning of the messages or to help with any spiritual development that is taking place.



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