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Why are grounding techniques important?

Grounding techniques are an important part of spiritual living.

Balance grounding techniques

Many times in this world of spiritual healing we hear people often say that they are ungrounded or need to get grounded. But often times, those that are new to the spiritual world get confused about what that actually means and why it is so important. Grounding techniques seem to allude many of us simply because we forget do them. One of the most important parts of being an effective healer, as well as moving through this life as a spiritual being in a physical body, is to feel as though we are safely grounded. Grounding ensures that mind, body, and spirit have come together in balance.

Grounding simply means that you are completely focused and present. When you take the time to use grounding techniques to bring awareness to the present moment, this brings your energy completely within your body it brings a sense of mental focus and stability.  Over thinking all the time or working with high energies in the upper chakras of the third eye and crown chakra often leave us energetically out of our body. When we are not grounded, we can often feel anxiety, temperamental, or restless. Sometimes depression also comes from not feeling as though we are secure or solid in the moment. If you find that you are experiencing these feelings often, it is a good idea to check-in and bring yourself to the present moment. We are balanced and grounded when all physical, mental, and emotional energies are intertwined and balanced. This gives us a feeling of calm and peace of knowing that we are safe in the present moment and complete.

Also, by having our spirit firmly held within our physical body, it allows us to have a strong connection to the physical plane here on Earth and it creates a beautiful connection to Mother Nature, giving us the feeling of being rooted solidly within her protection. Safe.

Here are some grounding techniques to try:

      • Take a few moments to sit or stand with your eyes closed inhaling deeply through the nose and as you exhale gently through the mouth, slow and steady, feel as though beautiful tree roots grow out from your feet sinking deeply into the earth anchoring you to the solid energy of Gaia.
      • Take time to be outside walking in nature and feeling the ground beneath your feet. Many times we simply need to go and stand out in our Getting grounded through grounding techniquesbackyards and feel the grass between our toes.
      • Physical exercise will also keep you very connected to your body. Exercising daily helps keep you grounded and focused as you move through life.
      • Close your eyes to deeply inhale and as you exhale feel as though the bottom part of your legs sink deeply into the earth, much like being in quicksand. This will anchor you when needed quickly.
      • Breathing in deeply, feel the crown chakra open and as you exhale feel your spirit body as it slides silently all the way down into the legs, anchoring you completely in your physical body. Gently close the crown chakra once completed.
      • Take a deep breath and then be aware of the location of your thoughts and as you exhale, feel your consciousness dropped into the mind solidly anchoring the mind, body, and soul together completely as you exhale.
      • As you sleep at night, place a gemstone between your mattresses at your feet. I have listed some gemstones below that have grounding qualities to help you in this. I recommend having a small bowl of sea salt on your dresser or nightstand which you may place the stones on every morning when you wake up to help keep them cleansed and ready for you to use each night as you go to bed.
      • Some like to keep grounding gemstones in their pockets or wear jewelry throughout the day which works well also. Though, I do also recommend that you place these items in a bowl of sea salt as well each evening before putting them on in the morning. You may also run energy through them, place them in midnight, or ask the Archangel Michael to put white light through them as a cleansing technique.
      • Meditation – Here is a meditation for cleansing your chakra’s and grounding on my Youtube Channel – You may also buy an audio version to take with you through my Digital Media store for only $1- Buy the Meditation File here


  Gemstones  often used for grounding techniques:

Tiger's Eye grounding techniques

Tiger’s Eye







Jasper grounding techniques







Hematite grounding techniques









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