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Is your psychic ability Claircognizance?

Do you use Claircognizance?

ClaircognizanceOut of all the psychic gifts, claircognizance (spiritual knowing) may be the most difficult to pinpoint if it is something that you actually have within your own intuition skill set. Claircognizance is the spiritual gift of knowing. Many out there in the world use their clairsentience, which is known as spiritual feeling and consider themselves empath’s or clairvoyance, their spiritual seeing. Claircognizance tends to be much more analytical and thought driven. I myself, as a double Aries,  have a very strong gift of claircognizance and it was the main psychic ability that I used for many years. This is also the reason that I did not know right away that I had psychic gifts. Mostly because with the psychic ability of claircognizance, it is hard to distinguish the difference between knowing your own thoughts, psychic thoughts and those thoughts that are given to you by Spirit or the angels.

What does Claircognizance Mean?

Claircognizance is the psychic ability of spiritual knowing. Basically, what it means is that you tend to think a lot and know what is going to happen before it happens. Where as with another gift like clairvoyance, you see your visions and dreams in the third eye, the mind’s eye, much like a movie playing out of what is to come. Clairsentience is when you feel something is about to happen  or with clairaudience you are able to hear messages in music or spirit speaks you in your mind’s ear. In the case of claircognizance, you simply know what is coming or what is about to happen. Sometimes people with the psychic ability of claircognizance simply know the whole picture of a situation before it plays out all at once. They do not know how they know, they just simply know the issue at hand, what has happened in a certain place in the past, or what is about to happen even if there are is no sign of evidence or proof or maybe what they have picked up on has actually happened there. Many times it can be proven through researching physical evidence later once a situation has been investigated for facts.

How Do You Know If You’re Claircognizant?

  • You often know what has happened in a place that you are visiting for the first time without knowing how or why.
  • You know how things are going work out in a specific way before they actually occur.

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  • When you meet someone for the first time, you know their true character before even speaking with them.
  • When someone that you know says that they need to tell you something and you know exactly what the story is before it has been told.
  • You know who is on the phone or about to come over for a visit before they call or arrive.
  • You know how things operate or how things are made without being told.
  • The energy of your premonition comes from your mind and logical thought.
  • Your whole life people have been calling you a “know it all”.

How to develop your Claircognizant skills:

  • Before opening a magazine, take a moment to take a deep breath in and visualize a picture of what the next page looks like
  • Before you go to a new place, work through the crown chakra to know what the room will look like.
  • If you’re going to meet a new person see if you know what they’re going to look like before you meet them
  • If you have a new situation, ask yourself if you know how the end result will be an secure correct at the end of it.
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