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Angel Message 1:

Your angel message is: “Living in integrity gives you the freedom of truth. Do not allow another’s actions or words to become your own. You may feel that this relieves you of responsibility as you are only relaying what “they” said, but in truth you double your guilt for passing it on without thought. Temper your tongue in matters that do not concern you, turning to the way of truth and light in all things. This will free your mind from the clutter of needless things that do not concern you. This simple thing will allow God to work through you with the highest light and love for all.”– Archangel Michael

Angel Message 2:

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Your angel message is: “Release your daily judgments of others by asking for our help to see what it is in that person that is triggering fear in you. Once you release the fear that is causing you to judge another (or yourself), you can heal the past experiences that have formed these fears and move on with your life in a healthy, loving manner that no longer requires the use of judgment or gossip to feel safe.”

Angel Card Reading Message 3:


Your angel message is: “Happiness is not something to be found, it is something to be chosen. You have the ability to be happy within you at all times. If you find it difficult to shift your thinking in a time of anger or frustration, simply take a moment and ask for our help. We will help you shift your thinking and your heart to love. This will help create your unhappy thoughts into happy ones.”




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