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Angel Card Reading Message 1:

Your Angel Card Reading Message is: “Dearest friend, Living in compassion with those that you share this physical experience with is so key to your spiritual growth. Compassion for their fear, compassion for the way they view certain issues and compassion for how they formed their beliefs in the first place. Compassion is needed from you for their decisions and the ability to give that compassion without judgement. Compassion for others, as well as YOURSELF will walk you further down your spiritual path quicker than any book or class.” ~ The Angels

Angel NecklaceAngel Card Reading Message 2:

Your Angel Card Reading Message is: “Beloved, please know that sometimes adjustments to the plan are needed. There is great freedom in releasing and allowing to the Divine Creator. Be open to the clues and changes that we send your way occasionally. Once done, the Divine Path will come clear as you trust that we always have the highest good of all in mind when we help with what it is that you have requested.” ~ The Angels

Angel Card Reading Message 3:


Your Angel Card Reading Message is: “Healing takes many forms. It may take place in the mind, in the body, or in the soul. The asking should be a very simple and general request allowing for the highest good of those involved. Then simply turn it over to God, having faith and understanding that even if the healing does not take place in your expected time frame or the exact way you requested it to be, it is exactly as it should be. This is how healing miracles take place, by exercising faith that God knows best in all things and trusting that belief.” ~ The Angels

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