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Why is a balanced Heart Chakra important?

Having a balanced heart chakra and why it is important

The heart chakra is the love center of our very being. Having a balanced heart chakra is extremely important because this is where we communicate to Spirit from and is the center of our connection to the Divine source of all that is. This is also where we connect with to Universal energy and operate from energetically.

If you are a healer, in any sense of the word, having it open and balanced heart chakra is so important to do your healing work from the aspect of love. If you are someone that likes to communicate with the Angels, the heart chakra is the way that they filter their messages as they themselves are beings of love and light. So in order to channel messages clearly and filter them for the highest good, you must have a balanced heart chakra.balance-heart-chakra

4th Chakra – Heart Chakra

The fourth chakra is the Heart Chakra and corresponds to the colors green and pink.

It deals with issues of the heart:
• Ability to lovingly identify with all life forms
• Forgiveness of oneself
• Love (ability to give and receive)
• Health and Healing

A Weak Fourth Chakra Can Be Identified By:
• Inability to let go
• Lack of self love, respect
• Unhealthy heart (blood pressure issues)
• Emotional detachment
• Fear of commitment
• Inability to give and receive love freely

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