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Psychic Development Lesson – Clairvoyance

What is it to be clairvoyant and how does clairvoyance work?

clairvoyanceClairvoyance (Spiritual Seeing) is the psychic ability to visualize your intuition.

One of the beautiful five intuitive skills given to us through the divine creator is clairvoyance. Many times we may utilize our third eye with the gift of spiritual seeing, called clairvoyance in order to clearly see what is in front of us or to visualize the future. Most of us have the intuitive skill of clairvoyance and can use the gift through practice and visualization if we have fine tuned our abilities and cleared any limiting belief systems in place that may be holding us back from clearly.

Here is a 30 min lesson that teaches you about clairvoyance.  In the middle we use a bit of Theta Healing to help you clear your limiting beliefs surrounding your abilities with clairvoyance and a meditation at the end to help you use it.

Develop Your Clairvoyance – Third Eye Guided Meditation with Spirit & the Divine

A homemade meditation to Develop Your Clairvoyance (through God’s light) by Using your Third Eye Guided Meditation – I DO mention God in this video. (FYI)

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  1. Thank you for this. Sending much love in return.


  2. Kim says:
    thank you so very much for this Lisa xx


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